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    Varicose veins or, varicose veins, as it is called today, this disease, which brings a lot of inconvenience to those who are not fortunate enough to acquire it. Mainly women suffer from varicose veins due to their physiological characteristics and body structure, but this does not mean that men are completely protected from its possible occurrence.

    In addition to the aesthetically unpleasant sight in the form of convex dark-blue veins that look on the skin's surface, resembling old and twisted cords, the person also experiences pain, a constant feeling of heaviness and discomfort, which, to say, live with such a problem is unpleasant. But how to get rid of varicose veins?

    They must be healthy

    We will not prevaricate, varicose veins are a rather serious disease that cannot be cured overnight, if only because it does not occur at once, but develops gradually.

    That is why it is much easier to prevent such a disease or, at least,to cope with it at the initial stage of education, than, in consequence, to try to cure a severe and neglected form.

    What is regrettable, before, people in old age complained about "blue" legs and bulging veins, but today the disease has become much younger, more and more often it has become apparent in very young women who do not know how to treat such a disfiguring ailment.

    Of course, there are many medical and surgical methods for treating varicose veins, such as sclerotherapy or laser therapy, and especially large veins can be surgically removed. But, of course, such methods, of course, are bearing fruit, but they cost a lot of money, moreover, they can “boast” a considerable list of possible side effects, which is definitely not encouraging.

    That is why it is so important to observe the simplest measures to prevent such a disease, as well as to use traditional methods as an auxiliary complex. Folk remedies made from natural ingredients, of course, cannot boast of their 100% effectiveness, but they can significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease, and at the initial stages, they can save you from such an illness.

    Plus, they are much cheaper, and have virtually no side effects, unlike traditional medicine. Of course, to get rid of the symptoms of varicose veins, you need patience and systematic treatment, only then you can achieve a positive result.

    How to protect yourself?

    As we have said, it is easier to protect yourself from the disease than to treat it for a long time and tediously. Prevention of varicose veins is very simple, does not require you to special efforts and time.

    Cook the cream

    The root cause of varicose veins becomes a violation of the normal operation of the valves in the veins, which, from the strong pressure and poor lifestyle, cease to keep venous blood in a normal position.

    Gradually, they begin to unfold, and blood flows down to their feet, from where it has nowhere to go, so it accumulates in the vessels, turning them into inflated blue "wires". As a result, the blood flow deteriorates, healthy valves do not cope with their task, and the disease progresses.

    • Try not to stand on your feet for a long time, this will reduce the pressure on the valves in the veins.If your profession or hobby makes you spend a lot of time on your feet, then try to arrange mini-breaks for yourself: relax for a few minutes, lie down or sit up, throwing your legs higher. You can do small 5-minute exercises: alternately go up on socks to go down, jumping rope is effective.
    • Varicose veins threaten during pregnancy, in which case compression elastic stockings can help. Try to avoid too close clothes, high heels, and also tightened belts that interfere with the normal outflow of blood.
    • Great weight and unhealthy diet also aggravates the problem, so try to set up your own menu, as well as take up weight loss.

    If, nevertheless, the first symptoms make themselves felt: the legs get tired quickly, the feeling of constant weight in the legs, the appearance of the vascular network, then you need to move to more serious and effective methods, while not forgetting to follow the recommendations for prevention.

    There are two ways to get rid of varicose dilatation at home: taking medication inside and out.To take inside usually use a variety of tinctures and herbal solutions based on herbs, and for external use - compresses, lotions, applications, home-made ointments.

    Folk remedies against varicose veins

    Of course, before embarking on independent home treatment, it is imperative to consult a doctor who can suggest the most effective option for your case. The sooner you start the treatment, the better, so do not delay. At the first symptoms of varicose dilation, try to begin treatment.

    One of the most popular and effective tools that help in the fight against varicose veins is horse chestnut. From it are preparing all kinds of tinctures that reduce blood clotting, dilute it and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

    Rest more

    Practically everything can be used to prepare such potions: the flowers of the plant, the leaves and the fruits of the chestnut. For example, to prepare a tincture for internal use, you will need: 70 g of crushed fruits of chestnuts (or flowers) and 0.7 liters of vodka.

    Fruits are poured with vodka, we give the medication to infuse, and then we filter it and use 40 drops for a month three times a day.In addition to internal use, this tincture can be rubbed daily shin.

    Ordinary garlic is also very effective for treating varicose veins. After several months of its stable use, the pains go away, and the veins are significantly reduced in size. To do this, take white garlic, chop it thoroughly, right with the husk (!), And then mix it with two pieces of butter.

    The resulting solution should be applied in the form of a compress to the protruding veins of the legs for the night, and from the top attach the paper, utyunnuyu ordinary bandage. In the morning, feet should be thoroughly washed and clothe them in something warm.

    Also, from such a disease, green tomatoes help quite well: just put small lobules on sore spots, roll them up, and take off the morning. The procedure must be done every day during the year, during which the bumps will decrease and then completely dissolve.

    You can also use Kalanchoe tincture for wiping: for this, take a liter jar, fill it with half the leaves of the plant, top up with 70% alcohol, and then let it brew for 14 days in a dark place.You need to shake the jar every day, and when the tincture is ready, then lubricate her legs every night before going to bed.

    A special herbal tea is very effective, it needs to be drunk several times a day, brewed just before tea drinking. You can use St. John's wort, arnica root and yarrow, but be careful, this drink is not recommended for pregnant women. Tea made from white oak bark is also effective, you need to drink at least 3 glasses a day.

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