• We meet summer in all its glory with the most fashionable and feminine images

    Flying dress, charming plaid skirt, boho style - great ideas for the summer can be very, very much! Fashion houses also did not miss the opportunity to please fashionistas around the world and offered really interesting ideas that will accurately decorate, complement and refresh your summer image.

    Straw hat with ribbon

    Now they are sold in almost every store, which is not surprising - because they really like the fair sex.

    Print on denim jacket

    In case of evening walks, when it’s cool enough outside. You can decorate a denim jacket with his own embroidery.

    Bow Espadrilles

    Charming adorn the leg and complement the image. Choose fashionable shoes to your liking!

    Lemon print

    For the first time it was promoted in 2016 fashion house Dolce and Gabbana and today also returned to the trend. Juicy lemons create an incredible summer mood.

    Short cardigan

    Another useful thing in case of an evening cold snap.Exquisite, fashionable and incredibly feminine - these are the words that can describe a charming cropped cardigan.

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