• Ways of female masturbation

    Sexual intercourse gives the human body strong loads, while it can be compared with almost any active sport, but in order for any sport to succeed, you need to put a lot of effort. The same rule applies to sex. But in this case you don’t have to go to the gym, it’s enough to retire in your room. The main training is masturbation, which many consider immoral, but nevertheless this process will not harm your health. We will understandhow to masturbate a girlself and basicways of female masturbation.

    Ways of female masturbation

    Masturbation is a unique and rather enjoyable process, during which everyone can know their body much better, while almost all modern women are involved in this process, but few can really admit it. Women who are very experienced in the field of sex are engaged in it almost every day, as this process makes it possible to become more sensual and to strengthen the genital muscles.During masturbation, a woman can achieve orgasm much more quickly, and in some cases, several orgasms can be obtained at once. Various air goods, vibrators, lubricants, etc. can help.

    Ways of female masturbation or how to properly masturbate a girl.

    Thanks to masturbation, a woman can know her own body much better, so you can get an incredible orgasm. You will understand how to act to get several orgasms at once, which can be obtained during sexual intercourse with a partner. You might think that all this is reminiscent of the behavior of animals and all the romance is completely removed. But you should weigh all the pros and cons, think, if you can learn an orgasm caressing yourself, then what pleasure you can get if you are caressed by a beloved man. For the time that you previously needed to get the first signs of excitement, you can get several orgasms.

    Ways of female masturbation

    With the help of masturbation, you should thoroughly examine your own body, since men during intercourse pay very little attention to caresses,After all, they immediately want to start basic actions. Therefore, you need to practice your own body a little and develop your sensuality. Even under the condition that your man will not pay any attention to foreplay and affection, you can get unforgettable pleasure. If you are fully prepared for a thorough study of your own body, then you need to find the most suitable place and time for this, so that at the crucial moment nothing distracts you, and it is very important to try to completely relax.

    First you need to completely undress, dim the lights a little, so as not to be ashamed of yourself (especially for the first time), turn off the phone and sit comfortably on the bed. Now relax and close your eyes. First, imagine how you run your hand over your body, then touch your hand and run over your entire body. Now take the petroleum jelly and lubricate them clitoral and vaginal area. You can also use a cream for the face or hands for this, but petroleum jelly will be an ideal option. You should not act very hastily, try to slowly examine each zone with your fingers, find out how sensual this zone is and remember the feelings that you will experience.

    Each woman is completely individual and will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate way of masturbation, which will be presented in this article and choose the method that suits you most, and in the future it should be developed and improved in order to get maximum pleasure.

    Mechanical stimulation with proper masturbation

    If you have not previously reached orgasm or you have had any problems with this, then first you need to use a vibrator. The most suitable and affordable for this is the battery-powered vibrator, which in its form resembles the male sexual organ. To date, your attention presented a fairly large number of a variety of vibrators, so you can choose the one that suits you, including the financial possibilities.

    Ways of female masturbation

    Let's see how to properly use a vibrator. To begin, you should sit comfortably on the bed and close your eyes, try to tune in to your body wave and take the most sensual posture, while it is very important now to imagine a person who excites you very much and with whom you would like to make love now.Imagine that he sees you naked and begins to caress your breasts, buttocks and touches the clitoris, while the vibrator is a member of it. Do not rush, because you have as much time as you need to get maximum pleasure. Spend a long and rhythmic stimulation using a vibrator, which should move up and down in the vaginal area, and do not forget about the stimulation of the clitoris. In your thoughts should be the man you want to get an unforgettable orgasm. If it didn’t work out with one fantasy, it will work out with another.

    If you do not have a suitable man with whom you would like to make love, at least in your imagination, then you can view the relevant literature or video. While studying the literature or watching a video, use a vibrator. Your fantasy should excite you, so do what you want to get or what you like the most. Most women do not dare to masturbate until the age of thirty, so if you are just starting to do this, try to get rid of shyness, because nobody sees you and you have nothing to be ashamed of, it is quite normal and natural process.You may need some time to thoroughly study your time and respond to it more calmly, because sometimes it is very difficult to learn something new. In this case it is very important to be patient. A study was conducted in which it was found that more than 95% of women who use stimulation achieve a strong orgasm. After a few weeks of regular use of the vibrator, you can get an orgasm after a few minutes, after which you can start the following exercises.

    Manual stimulation. Lessons proper masturbation and affection

    Ways of female masturbation

    When you can perfectly own a vibrator, then you can begin to the process of manual stimulation. If you don't have a vibrator yet, thenbuy a vibrator for sex can be on the Internet, so to speak, anonymously. Now you already know what an orgasm is and can try to achieve it with deeper stimulation. At first, fingers are just starting to be used, but you have to be prepared for the fact that they will excite much less than the vibrator, but nevertheless you have to try to reach the next level of sensuality.You will get other emotions from manual stimulation, unlike those that you experienced when using a vibrator.

    Every woman has her own special style of masturbation, but nevertheless every woman has something in common in this process. Very rarely, women begin to stimulate the head of the clitoris, as this can cause severe pain and irritation. Most often, the entire pubic zone or the right part of the clitoris is stimulated. Under the condition of stimulation of the pubic zone, much later the orgasm will come and the sensations will not be so bright, unlike the conditions of stimulation of the clitoris, but this directly depends on the woman’s individuality and methods of stimulation.

    With continued manual masturbation, an orgasm comes much faster, especially after you can fully explore the sensory zones of your body and learn how to get several orgasms, see how to bring a girl to orgasm. But in order to make your body more sensual it is very important to regularly engage in manual stimulation. You do not have much to count on if you masturbate once or twice a week.Stimulation should be continued until the time when the code can receive several orgasms (at least three or four orgasms, a maximum of 10-25), while it is very important to maintain orgasms at a high level.

    Do not be afraid that you harm your health with masturbation, thanks to this process you will be able to understand exactly what you are missing in order to get several orgasms at the same time. Today, there are quite a lot of different ways of female masturbation, so do not limit yourself and trust your imagination.

    Water masturbation

    Ways of female masturbation

    Masturbation with water - you need a jacuzzi, if not, then of course you can buy a jacuzzi or use a bath. Fill the bath with water, now you need to lie on your back and relax and send a stream of water to the clitoris area, after which you can get unforgettable pleasure. It is very important that the stream of water falls on the clitoris.

    Other incentives



    Many women use a variety of items to stimulate the sensation of the penis - candles, bananas, rubber limbs, but one must be very careful not to use dangerous items - bottles, bulbs, wooden sticks and other things that can harm.


    Although the ways of female masturbation are quite diverse, but you should remember about safety first of all, so as not to harm health and not get into a ridiculous situation.


    After learning how to properly masturbate a girl, you can get to know your body better and learn how to simply get heavenly pleasure, and if you also buy a vibrator in an electric goods store and look at various sex toys there, then you can get unforgettable pleasure.

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