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    We are connected with Germany by a huge page in the history called “The Great Patriotic War”. How do they live in Germany, and how do Russians live in the territory of a state that at one time claimed to dominate the world? The article will tell.
    A great way to escape from the autumn depression and escape from the gray of everyday life - is dancing. They help to escape from the daily routine and for a while forget about current problems. And in order not to forget the warmth of the summer sun, the most passionate and sensual dance of the world - tango - will come to our aid. Today we will talk about how to learn to dance tango.
    A chemical compound with the frightening name "sodium tetraborate" or simply "borax" has become firmly established in our life and has been widely used not only in production, but also in ordinary life. How to get this item to the average man in the street? Where to buy borax, this article will tell.
    The limitation of the time of day on the sale of alcoholic products has caused many disputes among both the authorities and the people. Up to how many sell alcohol in Russia, now dictate the laws.We will also talk about how much alcohol is sold in our country and abroad.
    Many people ask questions about how much you can drink in order to get behind the wheel in the morning and how much alcohol disappears. It turns out that this affects not only the amount drunk, but even the floor. Let us examine how alcohol affects different people.
    The popularity of beer does not weaken over time, and the advertising industry only strengthens it. After how much the beer erodes, and when you can get behind the wheel again after drinking this drink, we'll talk today.
    Knowledge of large numbers is useful for both children and adults. And if the first are more interested in the mystical charm of the huge numerals, then the second is to know the names and be able to navigate the number of zeros after the unit is useful from a practical point of view. The article will tell what comes after a billion.
    When you feel the pain on the left under the ribs, do not immediately panic. You can independently determine the center of pain. For this, it is enough to know what is left under the ribs.
    Modern technologies allow much better to prepare your car for the winter and forget about the problems with starting the engine in extreme cold.Today we will learn what “Webasto” is and talk about the equipment that simplifies the winter operation of the car.

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