• Video of the day: Beyonce and Jay Z

    “Why do I need fingers if I can't touch you,” “Why do I need air in my lungs if I can't sing your songs,” Beyoncé signed a touching black and white footage dedicated to Jay-Z. Thus the singer expecting twins congratulated her spouse on the 9th wedding anniversary. And that's not all, she also put a part of the video on Die With You's lyrical ballad, made from video clips from the home archive, on Instagram (you can watch the full version at the moment on the Tidal music service and wait for it to be posted on YouTube). There and the secret wedding, and the first pregnancy, and the birth of his daughter Blue Ivy, and romantic moments with her husband, and other cute sketches of the life of one of the most influential musical couples. A true love hymn, which for 10 hours has collected about 7 million views.

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