• Victoria Beckham Diet

    Model, designer and one of the most famous singers Victoria Beckham is an example of role models for women in many countries. She can boast not only the handsome husband adored by the whole world, but also her stunningly slim and fit figure. How does a mother of three children follow the beauty of her body? What kind of diets does she use?

    Victoria Beckham Diet - Sashimi and Berries

    Of course, the effect of the diet is staggering. But sticking with it is rather difficult and unsafe. The fact is that this Victoria Beckham diet is eating raw sashimi fish and berries. In addition, there is nothing more to eat, you should drink clean water and green tea. Sashimi has a large amount of vitamin B1. In small doses, it is useful for the nervous system, and for the brain and heart, but in large quantities can adversely affect health. In addition, the diet "sashimi and berries" is not so cheap. You have to fork out for Japanese restaurants with a good reputation. After all, only masters can properly prepare and serve raw fish properly and safely.Caution! We can not allow parasites into the body! Eating raw fish is equivalent to eating raw meat.

    Victoria Beckham's Sparing Diet

    Any woman can afford this diet, as it is the most delicate in terms of health. Victoria Beckham's sparing diet suggests 4 meals a day, and consuming the right amount of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in products. Still, it is a diet, not a daily diet of healthy nutrition for life, therefore Victoria Beckham does not recommend long to follow this diet.

    Victoria Beckham diet menu

    • Breakfast - tea without sugar and 2 toasts.
    • The second breakfast - fruit salad with a high content of citrus. Oranges, tangerines, kiwi, apples and pears. The exceptions are carbohydrate bananas and grapes.
    • Lunch - chicken breast without skin, and as a side dish, take stewed vegetables without sauce. Do not overeat.
    • Dinner - Stewed vegetables, a slice of cheese, shrimp, green salad.

    So eat for 3 days, without breaking the diet. On the fourth day should be a bowel cleansing. You should make freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, add mineral water without gas to it.During the day you need to drink such a cocktail for 2 times.

    Victoria Beckham Diet - Steamed Dishes

    The diet is based on the use of various products that are exclusively steamed. Such a heat treatment of food allows you to save nutrients in each product, besides this method of preparation does not require the use of oil. If you choose this diet, at the time of its application do not eat sugar. Victoria Beckham advises eating more seafood and fish for a slim and elegant waistline that will emphasize the sexy hips of the girl.

    Victoria Beckham Tips

    • In addition to the diet, Victoria Beckham recommends counting the consumption and the arrival of calories daily.
    • Also, the beautiful singer performs 200 squats per day. Slimness does not mean smartness and elasticity. Do not forget to combine diet, proper nutrition and sport.
    • Remember that diets help get rid of excess weight, but after using them you must keep yourself in good shape and not return to fast food and other junk food.

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