• Vedic psychologists, or is it true that the woman is to blame

    Of course, this is a woman! It is she who is to blame for not respecting her faithful enough. According to popular belief, in the absence of selfless worship of a woman to the bearers of the testicles, the overpowering power of the sofa, beer and television takes over the man. He is rapidly migrating to the soft surface of this piece of furniture, contrary to his desire, clings to a tablet, a telephone, a dozen tea cups and numerous plates of breadcrumbs from sandwiches, after which irreversible changes in men's karma begin that lead to a chain of life failures. So a wonderful brave man, at the behest of a stupid woman, turns into an indecisive sofa moss.

    And the whole business was to give him his feminine energy. Do not wear underwear, for example. In twenty degrees of frost, this is not a problem at all! You also need to have children and raise them - of course,protecting the faithful from non-male work like changing diapers or getting up at night to crying babies, feeding broccoli puree, talking with the inhospitable doctors of children's clinics and wiping snot. Because of this, the male entity also deteriorates and begins, against his own will, to strive for a chronic horizontal position on the couch, turning from a daring macho to a dull loser.

    Vedic psychologists, or is it true that the woman is to blame

    “When a woman speaks or thinks of a man badly, she does not respect him, she moves away in thoughts from him, she does not support him energetically. Everything falls out of his hands, things do not add up, money is not earned, he buys relaxing drinks, and we, naturally, are even more convinced that he is not worthy of respect. We are entering a vicious circle. A man is powerless to change anything in this situation. ”

    A man is powerless, you understand the depth of the tragedy? Of course, you do not understand, stupid women, otherwise you would have long got rid of panties and wore the longest and most colorful skirt of all possible. You look, he would stop drinking relaxing drinks.

    A man refuses to take part in the upbringing of children? No, it's not because he has emotional problems. This is because a woman prepares sinful meat dishes.A man does not fulfill promises? No, it's not because he is irresponsible and he doesn't care. This is because the woman does not tell him how strong and heroic he is. A man does not make money? No, this is not because he is completely lazy or lacking ambition. This is because a woman thinks badly about her husband.

    “Ask yourself how old are you? Stop shifting responsibility to others! ”

    - strictly author of a stupid reader author of the article. For in her opinion, the responsibility for himself and that guy lies precisely on the woman. This is the way the world works in the understanding of Vedic psychologists. If you have boobs - you are responsible for all. A man has no time. He has yet to save the world. Well, in the sense - to play tanchiki on a computer.

    "A man cannot produce happiness; he can only receive it from a woman",

    - the author sternly informs us, hinting that at least a man is macho by default and a hero, but still a little inferior brain and a parasite, because it does not "produce" happiness. A sort of symbiotic form of life, like the sea anemone, which is forever attached to the hermit crab.

    Neurophysiologists in response to the phrase about the inferiority of the brain of a man in relation to the production of happiness indecently would have screamed,because dopamine and serotonin are synthesized in the brains of people, regardless of gender. But it seems that Vedic psychologists have alternative concepts about neurotransmitters.

    Leave it on their conscience. Still, vitamin B12 deficiency from a long-term follow of a vegetarian diet inevitably leads to cognitive impairment, therefore, there is no need to look for logical conclusions in Vedic philosophy, they are absent there, as are cowards on the pope Vedic woman.

    Do you know what I think about all this? Respect must be mutual. Love and happiness too. And if only one partner has respect, this is called emotional service.

    In the stories about Vedic wisdom, I am not occupied by men at all - with them, everything is just clear: find a fool who will refuse complete obedience and submissive licking of shoes. It is more interesting to motivate women to do this: slippers in the teeth, and vegetarian pilaf, and universal love - in response to a complete lack of respect from the infantile partner.

    Vedic psychologists, or is it true that the woman is to blame

    Disrespecting my wife is too expensive. In the modern world, a woman has almost as many fascinating opportunities to get a big and juicy mammoth as a man has. But the carriers of the U-chromosome do not yet know how to bear, give birth and breast-feed children.This means that a woman who is not respected by her partner can safely use the option of self-extraction of the mammoth. Bearing responsibility for herself and the children she is used to in the Vedic marriage, and this skill turns out to be very useful in life without a husband-deity. What does this mean for the latter? The highest price of disrespect for a woman can be the sad life of a “Sunday Pope”, which children see every six months, called by name, a little afraid and agree to endure only for the new iPad.

    The only thing in which I agree with the author of the article on the intricacies of Vedic femininity is the phrase: “Stop being a victim.” I would call this advice equally valuable for both women and men.

    If you do not respect your husband (or your wife), why should you make a strong-willed effort over yourself and come up with a million rainbow-like illusions in the style “Though he is an asshole and a serial killer, but she loves fish”?

    Obviously, if there is no respect, then there is a reason. And instead of complaining about life and exposing yourself to a defenseless zainka or offended squirrel-girl, it is worth considering why there is no respect and how this can be remedied.And if you fix it is unrealistic, then think about how to end the relationship with an inappropriate partner.

    It looks much more logical than building an iridescent little world out of imagination about the ideal and trying on it with inspiration to try it out in the second half, trying to convince ourselves and others that comprehended universal Vedic wisdom.

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