• Vane from plastic bottles with their own hands - photo, video master class

    Plastic bottle weather vane

    Plastic bottle weather vane

    The weather vane was invented long ago. Even in ancient Russia it was made in the form of a rooster, and it was believed that he protects the house from enemies. Today, the weather vane is used to give not only as a decorative product, but also as an indispensable item for accurately determining the direction of the wind.


    Naturally, one should not forget that very sophisticated precision instruments have already been created to determine the wind speed and its direction. But even despite this, decorative weathercocks have not lost their popularity. A self-made plastic bottle weathervane is independent of power sources, it is autonomous and reliable.


    And most importantly, this product is a design that fully conveys the individuality of the owner of the infield, its original taste and preferences.In this article we will describe how to make a weather vane for a garden easily and quickly without material costs.


    For the manufacture of this device you will need:

    • Two-liter plastic bottle;
    • Paper and marker;
    • Acrylic paints, a knife and brushes;
    • Stick (height 1 meter, diameter 2 cm);
    • Small nails and hammer.


    Video: "Vane from plastic bottles with their own hands"



    1. The first step is the removal of the label from the prepared plastic bottle.
    2. After that, you need to choose a picture for bottle design. You can draw a sketch on paper. In the case when the selected picture was symmetrical, you need to bend the paper in half, make a half sketch and cut it out.
    3. The finished template is gently glued to the bottle and outlined with a marker. It should be noted that the template should not be traced in the center, it should be left on the centimeter from above and below. So you need to repeat several times, and the distance between the circled patterns should be equal.
    4. Now you need to make cuts with a knife around the cut sections. Again, the central part is not cut. Cut out the details of the well, and the resulting silhouettes beautifully painted.
    5.After the paint is completely dry, a small hole should be made at the bottom of the bottle in the center. When all this is ready, put a plastic bottle on the stick down the neck. It is better to drive a nail into the stick through the hole, which is made in the bottom of the bottle. The nail should be 0.5 cm high above the plastic bottle. All stick is strengthened in the ground and the weather vane is ready.


    Weathervane from plastic bottles do it yourself


    Airplane weathervane with propellers from a plastic bottle: a master class with photos


    Before you make this product from plastic bottles, you need to prepare the following materials:

    • Two-liter plastic bottle;
    • Scissors, cardboard and pencil;
    • Knife and tape;
    • Acrylic paints.


    1. On the cardboard carefully draw the wings of the propeller. Then take the lid from the plastic bottle and circle it inside the propeller. This will help to choose the right diameter. It is important to draw a slightly larger circle.
    2. Now glue the propeller with tape so that it does not tear in the process of gluing to the airplane.
    3. Calculate the width of the wings of the aircraft (it should equal one-third of the bottle). As for the wingspan, it can be anything.
    4. Take a plastic bottle and with a knife, make small incisions in those places where the wings of the aircraft will be fixed.
    5.We put the wings, remove the cap from the bottle and put on the propeller, then we twist the cap back.
    6. Here's a weather vane almost ready. It remains to make only the cockpit for the pilot. To do this, in the center of the bottle, namely over the wings, cut a square small hole.


    Weathervane from plastic bottles do it yourself


    In the cockpit of such a useful weather vane, you can put a small toy in the form of an animal.

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