• "Valerian and the city of thousands of planets" and 6 more films with incredible worlds

    Amazing worlds, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail and proceeds according to its own laws, the cinema is not so little. But only selected films cause the spectators the strongest phantom pains: the universe is there, but, alas, you cannot be there ...

    "Valerian and the city of a thousand planets"

    The new film by Luc Besson, in which the action takes place on the giant space station Alpha, where thousands of different nations live, including alien ones. However, life on Alpha and in its vicinity is not always cloudless. Some of the problems that arise are being resolved by the team majors Major Valerian and Sergeant Lorelin. On one of the assignments, the most valuable converter, which turned out to be a mimic armadillo with anime-eyes, pooping pearls, falls into the hands of the reckless space agents. It turned out that the pet lived once on the planet Mül, along with graceful androgynous aliens resembling Navi from Avatar.Representatives of the people and abducted the commander, the chief Valerian and Lorelin. They go in search of the chef and unravel the galactic intrigue.

    The main characters in the performance of Dane DeHaana and Cara Delevingne are not able to hold attention to themselves throughout the film and look like cardboard. But the secondary characters, including the charming converter, the trinity of plucked ducks, who are able to sell everything, finally, the enchanting Rihanna as a guest-worker actress Babble, make up the details of the fantastic universe for which she wants to fall in love.

    "Fifth Element"

    One of the four best films of Luc Besson (“Nikita”, “Leon”, “Blue Abyss”), which, although it was shot twenty years ago, looks fresher and deeper than “Valerian”.

    A cool taxi driver from New York in 2263, Corben Dallas (Bruce Willis) has to save the universe. To do this, he needs to put together the four elements (earth, water, fire and air) and add to them the mysterious fifth element. Flaming-haired fragile Leela - Mila Jovovich in Gauthier costumes, Bruce Willis in an alcoholic T-shirt and the embodiment of evil, powdered by Gary Oldman with a stupid bang - these images became the cultural codes of the 90s, not to mention the singer Diva Plavalagune with skin of a nice blue color.


    The paralyzed Marine is infused into the body of an avatar created from human DNA and the DNA of a Pandora resident (a three-meter humanoid creature with azure skin) to rub into the trust of aliens and get information about the location of the valuable mineral.

    In 2009, James Cameron showed everyone why 3D technology is needed in the cinema. "You are no longer in Kansas, you are on Pandora!" - Colonel Quaritch greeted his soldiers, who landed on the satellite of the planet Polyphemus, recalling the Land of Oz, another enchanting universe invented. The world of Pandora is similar to the best color dream of a happy man who visited the Chinese national park Zhangjiajie, where the "Avatar" was shot.

    "Lord of the rings, Brotherhood of the ring"

    Peter Jackson's films about Middle-earth (six in all), taken in the last sixteen years, are a triumphant adaptation of books that deserve universal love.

    The world with hobbits, elves, gnomes turned out to be not only picturesque, but also preserved the main thing - the spirit of Tolkien's books. And for those places in New Zealand, where the franchise was being shot, tours are already taking place.

    "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"

    To love with all your heart eight franchise films about a boy with a scar on his forehead in the form of lightning is easy, there is everything that contributes to it: lovely children,magic and fantastic creatures, the magical world of the school for young sorcerers. For the Harry Potter movie, thanks go first and foremost to JK Rowling. She carefully wrote out all the details and images, from candy with earwax taste to hippogryph and acromantula spider, that the directors could only visualize the entire book atmosphere with dignity. It was possible, however, not all.

    "Walking castle"

    Many of the animated films of the classic Hayao Miyazaki are elaborately designed worlds. The animators of the “Walking Castle” were inspired by the landscapes of the French Alsace.

    The Witch of the Wasteland from jealousy turns the girl Sophie into an old woman. Horrified by herself, Sophie escapes to distant lands, where she settles in a steampunk self-propelled house with restless handsome wizard Howl.

    In reality, “The Walking Castle” coexists with naive children's magic and a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, decadence and romance, and for fantasy hides the ability and inability to overcome their complexes.

    "Game of Thrones"

    The seventh season of the dark and dramatic saga about the struggle for the Iron Throne is nearing its end. Although the shock effect of the "Game of Thrones" is not the same as before, but now we are watching the characters not in anticipation of surprises, but exclusively for love.

    The Game of Thrones is gradually turning into a novel of character education: Snow is much less mumbled, Daenerys tempered like steel, Cersei is born in Sans, and Arya just became very tough.

    The fantastic details have not disappeared anywhere: the dragons have become even more powerful, and the walkers, though not yet visible, can clearly feel their breath at the back of their heads.

    The geography of the series covers almost the whole world: "Game of Thrones" was filmed in Morocco and Spain, in Malta and in Croatia, in Scotland and Iceland.

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