• Useful tips for choosing electric curlers

    Many girls dream of feminine curls or mischievous curls. But if the nature has not rewarded you with curly hair, then it is possible to use modern devices such as electric hair curlers to create beautiful hairstyles. And to curls were not only attractive, but also healthy, find out how to make the right choice.

    How do they work?

    The principle of operation of electric curlers is quite simple and consists in heating the curls and fixing them with the help of thermal action. As a rule, they are placed on a base connected to the mains.

    First, the central parts are heated, and then the heat spreads to the surface of the curlers. Further, hair is wound on them, which also receive heat and, thus, are fixed in a curled state.

    How to make a choice?

    How to choose electric hair curlers? To make use as convenient as possible, and the result is excellent, you should pay attention to several important points at once. Below they will be discussed in detail.

    Coating material

    Aluminum curlers are usually the most inexpensive, but this material has a negative effect on the hair and damages its structure. A softer attitude towards curls is distinguished by ceramics. And the most careful impact will provide a coating of velor or Teflon.


    The filler is the inner part of the curlers, which heats up and ensures the fixation of the curls due to thermal exposure. The most common and optimal variant of filling is the wax. First, it heats up quickly, and secondly, it keeps the temperature for a long time. In addition, it is completely safe and harmless, since at elevated temperatures it does not emit any substances and vapors into the environment.


    The diameter of the rollers can vary from 8 to 34 millimeters. But which one is right for you? It all depends on your preferences and peculiarities of curls. So, for long hair it is better to use rather large curlers, they will allow you to create soft and feminine waves.

    If you want to get small naughty curls, then use small curlers. To get pronounced chic locks, select the average diameter.And if you - nature is windy and changeable, then get a set, which includes hair curlers of different diameter, to change the images.


    Hair curlers can be fixed with hairpins or so-called "crabs" on the hair. The second option is more convenient, since such clips are easier and more comfortable to use, and they do not leave kinks on the curls, they do not damage them.


    The higher the power, the faster the curlers will heat up, but the more electricity they will consume. The minimum indicators are 35-50 W. The maximum is 350-400. It is advisable to find a middle ground in order not to wait too long and not go bankrupt due to the increased energy consumption.

    Cord length

    The cord must be of sufficient length, because not all apartments have mirrors near the rosettes (of course, the problem will be solved by an extension cord, but it is not always convenient and possible to use it). And yet it should not be too long, it will increase the risk of entanglement and make use not very comfortable.


    Yes, this criterion is also very important, because if the packaging is convenient, you can quickly remove the curlers after use and store them almost anywhere, without worrying about that they can get damaged or get lost.The ideal option is a compact container with separate cells and a closing lid. In addition, a plus will be the presence in the box of the compartment for the cord.

    Additional functions

    Electric curlers can have the following functions:

    • Heat indicator. This is very convenient, because you can control the temperature and thereby ensure the most careful attitude to the hair.
    • Overheat protection. Such function is equipped with models of all famous brands and self-respecting manufacturers.
    • Temperature adjustment. With such a function, you can heat the curler only to a certain optimum temperature for your hair.
    • The ionization function is very useful, it will protect the hair from overheating, as well as make it softer and more attractive.
    • The presence of insulated edges. In this case, the edges of the curlers will not overheat, thus avoiding skin burns during use.

    Browse popular brands

    So how do you choose the best curlers? At the moment there are several popular brands. Here is an overview of some of them:

    • “BaByliss” is practically a professional brand, distinguished by its convenience and safety of use,as well as the maximum set of functions and careful attitude to the hair. The kit usually includes curlers of different diameters. The clips are comfortable, the heating time is minimal, but the temperature is maintained for a long time.
    • Remington. The coating is teflon, there is a function of the heating indicator, as well as insulated edges. The clamps are comfortable, there are several options for the diameter of the rollers. The heat is fast, and the temperature is maintained for 15 minutes. Also worth noting is a convenient container.
    • "Vitek" have velor coating and are suitable even for damaged and thin hair. But the heating is quite long, but the curlers cool quickly.
    • "Valera". These ceramic curlers have a velor coating and different sizes, keep the temperature well, but can burn the hands and scalp with strong heat.
    • “Binatone” has overheat protection functions, as well as a heat indicator and protective rims.
    • Philips. These curlers quickly heat up and slowly cool down, have different sizes, heat indicator. Also included are protective gloves. But the clips are not the most convenient.

    How to use?

    How to use electric curlers? Everything is very simple:

    1. First, it is recommended to wash your hair so that the curls are soft and shiny.
    2. Next, dry the hair in a natural way or dry hair dryer. Ideally, they should be slightly damp, then the fixation will be stronger.
    3. If necessary, apply a fixing agent to the hair, such as foam.
    4. Now place the curlers on the base so that they heat up.
    5. After heating to the desired temperature, start curling. Separate one strand and wind it on a roller. Do not forget to fix the curler clips.
    6. When the hair is completely cool (after about 20-30 minutes), you can remove the curlers.
    7. Give curls the desired shape, but it is better not to comb, and hands.
    8. Now you can fix the end result with varnish.

    Choose the best electric curlers to create persistent and beautiful hair!

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