• Unusual wedding in English style to be remembered by all

    The day of the wedding celebration is a wonderful event in the life of two young people, the moment of connection of two hearts, which must necessarily leave in memory the warmest, brightest and exciting memories.

    In order for a wedding from a banal party in a cafe turned into a kind and sunny tale for the two of you, you'll have to try to make some adjustments to the standard celebration.

    You can also arrange a royal wedding

    That is why lately stylized weddings have been widely spread, which carry a certain idea, framed by decor, the appearance of the bride and groom, and the whole banquet.

    Style wedding - the concept is quite new, but already densely settled in the minds of young people, which is why every year the ideas and fancies of wedding celebrations are getting bigger and grandiose.

    A beautiful English-style wedding is a great opportunity to plunge into the traditions and foundations of another country,Feel at a non-standard celebration, which, by the way, is not so difficult to organize. With what do you associate England?

    The bridesmaids must be dressed equally

    A bright flag with red and blue stripes, tall red buses, London with its mists and Big Ben, a royal court, as well as traditional tea parties at a served table according to all existing rules?

    Everything is correct, just such associations and symbols will help you to create your elegant and restrained triumph, because these features are inherent in the English mentality.

    At first glance, it may seem that it is difficult and expensive to organize a wedding celebration in a particular style: to pick up all the necessary decor, purchase it and properly dispose of it, stay on the subject, but not overdo it with the details.

    Could be so

    In fact, everything is much easier than it might seem. The question of price depends largely on your own desire - you can refuse the services of a decorator and stylist if you or your friends have enough imagination.

    After all, many things and decorative elements can be made with your own hands, which will be much cheaper. But still, if you decide to celebrate the wedding in a big way, then it’s not quite expensive to spend money anyway, and this is not the occasion to save money.

    And in order not to make silly mistakes when creating a wedding in English style, we want to offer you a few basic tips and recommendations that will help you with this.

    Where to start?

    If you definitely stopped at the English style, then be sure to spend a few days on the Internet, examining in detail themed pictures, photos of weddings that really took place in England.

    This will allow you to feel the necessary emotions and associations, which later will be faithful helpers in creating a common entourage.

    Remember, there is no half decoration, if you decide to follow the traditions of England, then the entire celebration should be done in the English style: invitation, decor, bridal dress and groom's suit, cake, menu, and even cars!

    Only in this way you will have a truly unique, touching and very stylish event that will easily impress everyone present.

    Chic Invitations

    The next moment is the preparation of invitation cards. It makes sense in their design to use one of the symbols of England, for example, by issuing your invitation cards in the spirit of old English postcards, you will set the guests in the spirit of a light vintage wedding.

    Use the British flag, frame it, use it as elements of the main background or part of the images. In the invitation must specify all the necessary information about the date, place and time of the celebration.

    Lovely bride

    Wedding outfits

    For each girl, one of the main elements of the wedding fuss is, of course, the same dress, accessories and details that will make her look unforgettable.

    Remember that the distinctive feature of the English is restraint, simplicity, lack of glamor and excess, but at the same time, the whole image should turn out luxurious and even, moments, slightly prudish.

    The dress must be necessarily white, because it is from England that the tradition has gone to such a color, none other than Queen Victoria herself introduced such a custom.

    Dress should be as modest as possible.

    By the way, it was from her light hand that the concept of “honeymoon” appeared, and even the tradition of exchanging wedding rings was also born in England. For the prototype of a wedding dress, you can take a luxurious example of Kate Middleton, who recently joined the English royal family. The obligatory attribute - veil, long or short - is up to you to decide, depending on your personal preferences and the whole composition of the image.

    Main accessories

    Another important element of any British bride is a blue garter on one stocking, the second she, as it were, accidentally loses on the way to the ceremony.

    The bride's bouquet should also be made in a certain style: red or white roses, as a symbol of eternal love. A minimum of accessories and ornaments, the image should be rather meek, natural and elegant.

    Englishwoman's bouquet

    The traditional suit of the groom is a suit with a waistcoat, or trousers with a waistcoat, a shirt can be with rolled up sleeves. Traditional English symbols can be used in the design elements of a men's suit: cufflinks engraved with a flag, who take more relaxed forms of celebration - socks or a butterfly with a flag, and for the most courageous - a top hat is also a traditional English element of the men's room.

    Decor and entourage

    Pay special attention to the banquet hall, because for the whole evening you have to turn it into the chambers of the English palace, so that the queen herself would envy!

    The painting should be an exit

    Traditional English wedding takes place on the air - in old estates, country houses, palaces or other picturesque corners of England.

    Of course, there is no possibility to take the civil registry office employee to such places in our country, but you can arrange an exit registration where all the space will be at your disposal.

    Do not forget about cars

    It is in England that the father leads the bride to the altar, and it is there that the bride and the groom meet for the first time for the first time just before the ceremony. The bride must have at least six bridesmaids, whose outfits are performed in the same style, but there is only one witness, and it is he who must keep the wedding rings until the moment of the marriage.

    Do not forget to pay special attention to the music that will accompany the celebration, as well as arrange a place for a photo shoot in the style of an English wedding. Usually, an angle in the hall or in nature is highlighted, where the symbols of England are installed in a smaller version, where not only newlyweds, but all the guests take pictures with pleasure.

    Symbolic colors

    Pay special attention to the colors of the celebration: for the English wedding, three colors are usually chosen - white, blue and red. A wedding in this style is hard to imagine without traditional dishes: charlotte, date pudding and syllabab, which are always served for dessert.

    By the way, the wedding cake we are used to is replaced by “Victorian cake”, which consists of biscuits, a layer of jam and fresh berries.

    As you can see, organizing such a wedding celebration is not easy, but possible. Good luck to you holiday.

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