• Unusual puppet makeup for brave girls

    If you are bored with your usual style, you are a brave and open girl who loves attention and luxury, then it is quite possible that the puppet style will perfectly fit into your new image. What it is?

    It's very simple, you, probably, more than once in your childhood played with dolls and, most likely, dreamed of being like one of them, the most beautiful and beloved. Still, huge eyes, beautiful smile and perfect facial features - unless such a girl might not like a man?

    The main highlight

    Helplessness, childish spontaneity, weakness and mystery - that is what embodies the image of a doll, which, whatever they say there, at the subconscious level attracts the stronger sex. Such a gentle image awakens in a man a desire to protect, to appear before a girl as bold and strong, but isn’t it our dream?

    Naturally, it is important not to overdo it and know when to stop, because the most important thing for a girl is to look feminine and harmonious, to choose your own image depending on life positions, lifestyle, age and appearance.

    For example, if you are already over 30, and the skin of your face has long acquired a couple of noticeable wrinkles, then puppet make-up, unfortunately, is not your option, in this image you will look silly and ridiculous. After all, the main motto of this style is an ideal face skin, close to porcelain, like a doll, young and fresh in appearance, without imprints of fatigue and dullness, this Barbie does not accept.

    Puppet style is best combined with young girls with good skin of the face, big blue eyes, as well as with golden or light brown hair.

    And remember, it is not enough to do a puppet make-up and put the hair in correctly, if you want your image to work, then you have to get used to the role, to become a doll in the shower.

    To do this, it is not necessary to become a silly simple woman with primitive behavior, the main thing is to express helplessness, gullibility and femininity, and with this, of course, the right make-up will help.

    Barbie Girl

    Beautiful doll make-up is a special direction for girls, obliging to certain frames and norms, in which we will help you to ruin. For this we bring to your attention a whole detailed instruction that will help you become a real Barbie!

    How to turn into a beautiful doll?

    The most important and the first rule, which, first of all, will emphasize your puppet make-up, is the ideal skin, as if glowing from the inside. Remember faces of porcelain figurines?

    Beautiful, immobilized, without a single flaw, as if keeping some special secret. Surely you will be interested in, what kind of makeup is needed for a Barbie-style makeup? Nothing special here you can think of, the main thing is that it was of high quality, which makes it easy to apply and sustainable.

    In order to achieve a puppet effect, we will use a fairly powerful army of corrective agents - a moisturizer, a corrector, a concealer and a loose powder. We wash our face with a tonic, after which we apply a moisturizing cream with a good, dense layer.

    Creative makeup

    Wait 5-10 minutes until everything is absorbed, after which we use the sponge and tonal basis, let it be a tone lighter than your usual complexion, so we will achieve a light glow. Carefully mask all red and dark specks, small rashes and other flaws.

    If there are serious defects, we try to paint them with a masking corrector, we bring the area around the eyes to a perfect state with the help of a concealer. The final touch is loose powder, which is applied to the entire face area, avoiding the eye area.

    Next - it's big and deep eyes, because this is the second important detail of any doll make-up. Which shadows to use are, of course, yours, which depends on the event, time of day and your personal color, but the traditional puppet colors are pink, crimson, blue and purple.

    Ideal for Halloween

    The shades can be lighter or darker, the shadows are applied to the mobile eyelid, and in order to make the look deep - draw a thin arrow along the upper line of eyelash growth with a thin liquid. Now go to the eyelashes - thick and velvety, long and enticing - that's what is associated with the Barbie doll.

    In order to obtain such, we use two types of carcasses-an extension and an imparting volume. For the beginning we curl eyelashes with the help of special tweezers, after which carefully treat them with balm, which will prevent the gluing of eyelashes after staining them with mascara.

    Sad, but beautiful

    To begin, we apply an extension mascara, then comb them with a stiff brush, and then apply a layer of bulk mascara, so you will get long and fluffy cilia. For those who have little effect, they will be able to come to the aid of false eyelashes and tufts.

    The next necessary touch is blush, because it is difficult to imagine a pale beauty doll. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is best to use peach or pink blush, which are shaded along the protruding line of the cheekbone and in the middle of the cheek.

    Make sure that there are no drops and sharp changes in color: everything should be perfect, like in a fairy tale.

    To make a doll's makeup, you need not only to pay attention to the eyes and skin, an important element of such an image as the lips, which are the final touch.

    Doll sponges are characterized by increased plumpness and pleasant color, they should look seductive and naive, conveying all the expressiveness of your image. To do this, cover the lips with a moisturizing cream, then lightly powder them.

    To make the lips "plump" we outline them with a contour pencil, the tone of which should coincide with the tone of lipstick or gloss. With the help of a special brush we apply lipstick itself, and you can add a few drops of gloss to the middle of the lips. As for color, it is best to use pink, soft crimson or berry shade, which will favorably emphasize your “dollness”.

    With such simple movements you turned into a beautiful doll! In order to best fit the selected image, use other auxiliary elements. The hairstyle should contain a bang, it is the symbol of the puppet appearance. You can use cute hairpins and the right clothes - feminine, delicate and harmonious with your overall look.

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