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Understanding Neonatal Care

Jaya Shukla ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jun 03, 2011

What is neonatal care?
The term “Neonatal Care” stands for care of new born babies during the first 28 days as it decides the overall health of the baby. But babies who are born with  medical conditions need special care,  especially those who have weak immune system since they  stand more chances of getting infections. 
With a little care  baby’s life can be saved and even the slightest carelessness could turn fatal for  them. Neonatal care is given to premature babies, underweight babies or pre-term babies. If the baby is weak or has some medical condition, then for his or her safety he or she is kept in neo-natal care. Basically  hospital units have separate sections, depending on baby’s health and requirements.
Babies born with breathing problem or underdeveloped, underweight, immune disorder need need special care. It is also called as intensive care. Neonatal care could be few days to few weeks, depending upon baby’s health condition. Babies who are kept on incubator need special care and they are not allowed to touch without wearing sterile gloves. As there are more chances of infection. Few stages of neo-natal care allow mothers to breastfeed their baby. Nurses are also trained for neo-natal care. This is a complete safe process to protect your baby from any infection.


Why Neo-natal care is important?


All newborn infants need special care, whether they are healthy or  not. Mothers should breastfeed their baby as this is the best source of nutrient  for This is the first aspect of neonatal care. It will keep the baby healthy and further it would be helpful in fighting all infections. There are various advantages of breastfeeding. Many mothers who are already suffering from any chronic disease may believe that they can’t breastfeed their baby, which is a completely wrong concept.
In some cases, parents have to face many restrictions during Neo natal care. But it is very important for baby’s health.  Parents of an infant must clear all their doubts related to neo-natal care. During neo-natal care a mother is also advised to take nutritious food which could be beneficial for kid’s health. During neonatal, care a mother has to look after baby’s needs. A mother must also know under what circumstances she has to contact a healthcare provider.

Video: Take a peek inside Texas Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)

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