• Ultrasonic washing machine

    Manufacturing The basic electrical diagram of the device is shown in Fig. 1, drawing of the printed circuit board with an arrangement of elements - on fig. 2. A pulse transformer is wound on a closed W - shaped core of magnetic PV type 600 PV ferrite, which is glued together from two W - shaped W BHB cores. Winding I contains 70 windings of PEV-0.3 wire, winding II - 10 turns of PEV-0.3 wire. W winding - 450 turns of the same wire. Winding is performed on a two-section frame made of electrocard wrap to turn: winding III is located in one section; I and P are in the other, and winding II is wound over winding I. After winding, the frame is placed on the middle core of the core Ш bhb, from the top is glued with BF-2 glue the second core Ш бхб, forming a closed magnetic circuit. The printed circuit board is made of foil-backed one-sided fiberglass laminate with a thickness of 1.5 ... 2 mm. After assembling and adjusting the Tpl trigger, it is advisable to fill with epoxy resin or sealant.When using serviceable parts and proper assembly, the circuit starts working immediately. In the absence of generation (by ear) - you need to swap the ends of the winding I. The piezoceramic emitter Z1 in the author's design uses an industrial disk form (Fig. 3) of ceramics such as PZT-9. As a replacement, we can recommend piezo emitters such as ZI-19 and the like, connected as shown in Fig. 4. The hole in the plastic peel of the radiator gently expand to a diameter of 20 mm. A piezo emitter (Fig. 3) is placed in a case (Fig. 5), glued together from three sheets of plexiglass, fixed on the middle sheet with glue: after sewing, it is filled with a sealant for sealing joints with a wire. Fill to produce flush with the surfaces of the extreme sheets. The channel for passage of the wire in the housing is also filled with sealant. The circuit of the device is placed in the case from the old power supply unit (for example, from a micro calculator) and is connected to the radiator with a wire in a vinyl chloride shell 2500 mm long. The use of high-frequency 4GDV dynamic-type heads as emitters is permissible, but their lifespan is small. When installing the head in a housing similar to that shown in Fig.5, it is necessary to isolate (wrap) thin rubber with tension (especially over the head horn), then fill it with sealant. Use the device Heavily soiled laundry should be soaked for 2-3 hours before washing. Washing should be done in a container with a volume of not more than 15-20 liters in the following sequence: 1. Prepare the tank for washing with a ratio of the bottom width to the height of not less than 1: 1.5 (bucket, deep basin, etc.) 2. Fill the container with water at a temperature of 40-50 ° C for synthetics or 60-65 ° C for cotton and flax. Check the temperature by erasable fabric label. 3. Pour into the water washing powder. 4. Lower the emitter in the middle of the tank. 5. Immerse the laundry (no more than 1.5 kg of dry weight). Make sure that the laundry floats freely in the detergent solution. Heavily soiled places with soap. 6. Connect the device to the network. 7 Washing time 30-90 minutes, in the process of washing linen turn over about once every 10-15 minutes. The washing process is invisible. USM is also effective when soaking clothes before washing in a conventional machine, while the effect of disinfection also remains. 8. After the end of the washing, remove the power supply from the network, wash and dry the radiator. 9.Rinse underwear. Use the USM is especially effective when washing thin woolen things of thin linen, etc. The things that do not twist do not stretch and do not lose shape.

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