• Top ten people with amazing abilities

    Each person has talents, but some people have truly unique abilities. Find out what they know and how they differ from everyone else.

    So, the top 10 people with superpowers:

    1. Daniel TammetHe was born in the UK and from childhood he was different from everyone else. He was diagnosed with "autism", but this does not distinguish him among millions of people on the planet. Although Daniel does not always react adequately to the events around him and lives in his world, he knows what others only dream about. Tammet is able to perform the most complicated calculations in his mind. He was able to memorize more than 22 thousand digits following the decimal point in pi. The guy declares that he sees figures differently than all other ordinary people: they appear in his mind as visual images with structure, form and color. Sometimes his imagination draws whole pictures. And Daniel speaks different languages, including Welsh, Estonian, Finnish, Esperanto, Spanish, Romanian and others.
    2. Ben underwood- a guy from California State Sacramento. He was born a healthy child, but in three years because of cancer he lost his eye. This tragedy did not stop Ben, and he was not only able to accept the changes and get used to blindness, but also began to live an absolutely normal and fulfilling life, as if his eyes were left with him. Underwood never used a cane and the help of a guide dog, nor does he use his hand to move. He has a different way: Ben makes special clicks of the tongue and listens to the sounds reflected from the different surfaces around him. This is called echolocation, and she replaced the guy with vision. And the rumor remains the same, but Ben has learned to transform sounds into visual data.
    3. Liv Tou Linnicknamed man-magnet, and he really attracts metals and even holds them to himself. He was able to drag the car using exclusively his magnetism: a man stuck an iron chain to his body, and fixed a car at its end. It all started with the fact, according to Liv himself, that somehow he took several metal plates and placed them on his stomach.Surprisingly, they did not fall and remained in place, which gave rise to the development of abilities. Scientists could not explain such an unusual gift and did not reveal deviations. By the way, the sons of Lina also have magnetism.
    4. Michael lotitocan eat everything, literally. For the first time he understood it at the age of nine and frightened his parents greatly, as he ate ... a TV! And at 16, realizing his talent, Michael decided to earn on his skills and entertain the audience for a fee. In front of a stunned audience, he eats rubber, metals, and even glass. Typically, the presentation is as follows: the object is pre-cut into several parts, and Lotito begins to gradually eat them, drinking water. The man became the champion thanks to the fact that he ate the whole plane. But this took him two years, and the man a day consumed by the kilogram. It is noteworthy that such an unusual hobby almost does not harm Lotito's health, since his stomach walls are twice as strong as those of others.
    5. Daniel smith- the most flexible person in the world who has learned to control the body. He began training as early as four years, and he thought it was perfectly normal.Gradually, Daniel developed his abilities, and, having matured, he ran off with circus artists to tour the world and demonstrate his talent to everyone. Since then, “Gutta-Percha” Smith has managed to take part in a huge number of shows, sports matches and even television shows. Ben was listed five times in the Guinness Book of Records, and deservedly so, as he can do some really amazing things with his body. Smith is able to climb through the toilet seat and a tennis racket without a net, roll up into incredible knots, hold frightening poses and even move his own heart.
    6. Radhakrishnan Veluin the world known under the pseudonym "Tooth King", and its feature is precisely incredibly strong teeth. The man uses them not only for chewing food, but also for moving heavy objects, in particular vehicles. In 2007, Radhakrishnan was able to beat his own record and pulled the train weighing a little less than 300 tons by almost three meters. Velu himself explains his unique abilities with hard workouts: meditations, barbell liftings, regular jogging and jaw exercises.Probably, the man herself was helped by nature herself, endowing him with heavy-duty teeth.
    7. Tai Ngoc- Vietnamese suffering from insomnia for over forty years. It all began with a fever that a man suffered in the 70s of the last century. Thay cannot sleep, but declares that this in no way affects his health. He says that he does housekeeping as well as everyone else and proves this by carrying two fifty-kilogram bags every day for several thousand meters from his house. And a lot of time was spent on the organization of two fish ponds. Tai was examined, and experts did not reveal any serious abnormalities, with the exception of minor abnormalities in the liver.
    8. Tim Cridlanddoes not feel pain, and he noticed his peculiarity at school, which amazed all classmates. In the eyes of his peers, he pierced his hands with needles and did not even frown. Tim is also able to withstand extremely low and high temperatures. Today, Cridland is touring throughout America and showing off his amazing talents to the public. But before that, he carefully studied anatomy to find out areas of the body that can be acted on safely.Tim's performances include numbers like swallowing a sword, piercing the needles, neck and cheeks. All this Kridland can get up due to the fact that it has a higher pain threshold.
    9. Claudio Pintois among the amazing people because of its ability to bulge eyes. This Brazilian is able to move the eyeballs from orbits by four centimeters, that is, more than 90%. Claudio underwent more than one examination, and experts discovered his so-called dislocation of the eyeball. All physicians who examined Pinto claim that they had never seen a man who could do this with his own eyes. Claudio considers such an unusual skill to be a gift from God and is happy because he can use his peculiarity to make money.
    10. Kevin Richardsoncommunicates with representatives of the animal world, and with the wild. He works in a South African reserve and is not at all afraid that animals will harm him. Kevin can safely spend the night with lions, cheetahs, tigers, hyenas and leopards. And all these animals do not even think about the attack and literally take Richardson for "native."Kevin himself explains his secret by the fact that when he interacts with wild animals, he uses his intuition and never approaches them if he feels that something is wrong. And the guy never picks up the instruments of punishment and shows iron patience. He understands that it is dangerous, but he says that for him it is not a job, but a real passion.

    These were the most unique people with supernormal abilities.

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