• Top of the most popular and young rock bands of the 21st century

    It's hard to imagine a modern world without music. And no matter how many directions, styles and genres exist, all of them have their own fans anyway. Fans of rock will be interested to know about the best young rock bands of the 21st century.


    One of the most famous modern rock bands is rightly considered Muse, which was founded in 1994 in Tinmouth (England). During this time, the team recorded 7 studio and 4 concert albums, was awarded numerous musical awards and managed to win a multi-million army of fans around the world. To date, Muse is not just a group, but a living legend, with a multimillion army of fans in different countries.

    30 Seconds to Mars

    No less popular with rock music lovers is the 30 Seconds to Mars group, which in 1998 was created by two brothers, Jared and Shannon Leto. The unusual name of the group was borrowed from the article of a professor at Harvard, who claimed that thanks to technical progress, mankind would soon be able to find itself "thirty seconds from Mars."The legendary groups such as Depeche Mode, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Pink Floyd had a great influence on the work of the team.

    Linkin park

    Under this name, a rock band began to exist since 2000 (previously, the team was called SuperXero). Thanks to the debut album “Hibrid Theory”, which sold over 30 million disks, a real success came to Linkin Park. In 2010, the album gained the status of a "diamond" disc. In 2003, the team recorded their most recognizable single "Numb". Linkin Park has twice received awards at the Grammy and won numerous victories in other prestigious musical ceremonies.

    Limp bizkit

    From English, the name of the group is translated as “softened cookies”, which clearly does not correspond to the rigid theme of the songs, the aggressive manner of performance of vocalist Fred Durst and the awesome scenic image of guitarist Wes Borland.

    The team was founded in 1994 in the American city of Jacksonville (Florida), but the musicians received world fame only in 1999. Limp Bizkit plays in various genres, such as nu-metal, alternative rock, rap-metal.

    three days Grace

    The rock group was established in 1992 in the Canadian province of Ontario. In 2003, the musicians released the first successful album “Three Days Grace”, and exactly three years later another equally successful album “One-X” was released,which acquire the status of "platinum" and "double platinum" disc, respectively. In 2007, Billboard magazine recognized Three Days Grace as the best rock band. To date, the musicians recorded 5 albums, the last one was released in 2015.


    The Kasabian team has been put on our top list of the most successful young rock bands of the 21st century, which has gained a million-strong army of fans around the world. The group was born in 1997 and after some time began to be considered “new Oasis”. And many fans see Kasabian receivers of the Rolling Stones, who in 2006 invited young musicians on their world tour.

    Arctic monkeys

    The British rock band was founded in 2002, and the very first album, which came out after 4 years, became the most successfully sold debut album in England. Over the following years, the Arctic Monkeys were twice nominated for a Grammy award and received various awards. The team has become one of the first young groups, which became widely known without the support of television and radio, but only thanks to the distribution of records via the Internet.


    Fans of heavy metal consider the music of the American rock band Disturbed too soft and melodic, but this has not prevented musicians from releasing 6 albums over twenty years of existence and selling more than thirteen million copies of the disks.Such significant numbers indicate that Disturbed is on the crest of success and has earned its right to be considered one of the most popular rock bands of our time.

    Kings of leon

    The group was founded in 1999 by three followilla brothers, who were joined by cousin Matthew. The music that this band performs is based on southern and garage rock mixed with indie rock.

    The team achieved world fame in 2003, when their albums started selling well in England and Australia. In the US and Canada, rockers also became popular. Total for the group 6 albums.

    Foo fighters

    A lot of listeners can be found in the Foo Fighters rock band, which in 1995 was founded by the former drummer of the legendary Nirvana band Dave Grohl. In 2012, the musicians were awarded five Grammy Awards. The team of Grol is quite “prolific” and has already released 8 albums, which are successfully sold all over the world.

    The bands represented are so different, their songs are unique and unique, but one thing unites them all - the love of rock music.

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