• TOP 25 "Bright" ceilings for the original interior

    Decor, Workshop, Interior

    Bright ceiling - this is an interesting solution, with which you can adjust the space, make the interior original and cheerful. However, when choosing a color, it should be remembered that dark shades visually make the ceiling lower, light colors will increase the space. This means that dark color is best suited for rooms with high ceilings, making it more comfortable.

    • Colored ceilings look great with white walls - this technique avoids congestion.
    • In the case of shaped ceilings or moldings, two colors are often used. For example, dark, which is used in the center, and light - white, milky, etc.
    • A geometric pattern or color stripes is a bold step that can give the interior a new sound. However, in order for the result to fully meet the expectations, you should seek help from a professional designer.
    • And, finally, the most complicated variant of the color design of the ceiling is the figure. Of course, only an artist can perform it in the best way. And not everyone. Compromise - to stick on the ceiling panels with a picture.

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