• Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Mountain Bike

    Cycling is one of the main attractions of the townspeople as soon as the first warm spring days come. If you also decided to join such an interesting and healthy way of rest, then you, for sure, will have to purchase a bicycle.

    The most popular and favorite models were and remain mountain bikes, versatile and comfortable, they are suitable for almost any movement, ranging from ordinary walks around the city, ending with difficult cycling on rough terrain and, of course, mountain trails.

    Today we will talk about how to choose a mountain bike that would meet your expectations, requirements and, of course, finances, and, it should be noted, the toy is not cheap.

    For example, the cost of basic models starts from about $ 500, but if you want something faster, more modern and with more opportunities, the prices of such models can exceed the amount of 2-3 thousand dollars! Be determined in advance with the budget,which you can allocate for such a purchase, and we will share with you 10 important tips for choosing a mountain bike.

    Council number 1.Regardless of the level of your purchase, be sure to go to a specialty store, avoid various natural markets and, especially, shopping with your hands. Firstly, you can get a full consultation of the seller specializing in this industry. Secondly, you will be able to secure your purchase with a service, which can only be in stores.

    Council number 2.If you want to be happy with your purchase, then be sure to purchase a bicycle from well-known and proven manufacturers.

    It will be easy to identify, find relevant and important information on official websites, besides, reputable manufacturers will not risk their reputation, and, therefore, most likely that such a bike will serve you faithfully for many years. The most famous manufacturers are Trek, Cannondale, Norco, Author, Merida, Scott, Marin and others.

    Tip number 3.Remember that it is most advantageous to make such purchases in the autumn-winter period, when seasonal discounts appear, their price can be reduced by 20-30%.

    Tip number 4.Think carefully which bike would you like to buy? Why and for what purpose do you plan to use it? For example, if you are a beginner amateur, then perhaps an off-road mountain bike is quite suitable for you, which refers to general-purpose models and can be used to pass any routes.

    There are also highly specialized directions, for example, all-terrain bicycles, which are more designed for difficult routes with numerous jumps, obstacles and steep descents.

    Tip number 5.With or without shock absorbers? About 30 years ago, this concept was not thought at all, all mountain bikes were without shock absorbers, but everything goes forward and today there are many models that are equipped with everything necessary to improve the management and mitigate rides. There are two types - hardtails and two-pendant bicycles.

    In the first case, the suspension fork is installed only on the front wheel, which significantly reduces hand and back fatigue on bumpy terrain. Dvuhpodvesnye models are equipped with shock absorbers on both wheels, they are more expensive, but the comfort level of such bikes is appropriate.

    Tip number 6.Who do you buy such a toy for? If for a man, then this is one thing, but for women there are special models, fitted for their growth. They have the designation "WSD".

    Tip number 7.Aluminum or steel? It is not a secret for anyone that steel is a durable material and therefore, at first glance, it may seem that using it to create a strong frame is ideal. But we must not forget that the steel is also very heavy, and this means that to roll such a unit is much more difficult than modern analogs made of aluminum.

    And there’s no need to worry about its durability: modern technologies constantly improve bicycle frames, and therefore all of them are designed for aggressive driving.

    Tip number 8.Decide on the size of the wheels. 26 or 29 inches, will they ask you when you will come to the store? 29 ”is heavier than the wheels 26”, they accelerate more slowly, but, nevertheless, have better grip and a lower degree of slip, which facilitates the passage of obstacles. In addition, 29-inch wheels are better suited for tall people with long legs.

    Tip number 9.Consult with a consultant what size frame is best for you.If there is no one to help you, then check for yourself: when you sit on a bicycle, you should not overly stretch your arms or legs, and, on the contrary, there should not be a feeling of constraint. The foot on the pedal in the most extended position should be slightly bent, and the elbows should be placed approximately above the knees.

    Tip number 10.Never forget about your safety, so along with the great, be sure to purchase a protective helmet, as well as other accessories, such as cycling gloves to increase comfort and reduce vibration from the steering wheel, bicycle pump and rear bicycle lamp, which will not merge with the road at night.

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