• Top 10 most interesting melodramas of 2017

    Melodrama - a genre that is especially loved by the fair sex. If you like it, find out which films have become the best in 2017.

    The most interesting films-melodramas of 2017:

    1. "Space between us"- a unique film about interplanetary love. Gardner was born on Mars during one of the expeditions and was left an orphan after his mother died in childbirth. He lives in an experimental colony and knows nothing about his real homeland - the Earth. On the Internet, the main character finds an ordinary earthly girl and begins to communicate with her. Between the young people a virtual romance breaks out, which, it would seem, has no continuation and is doomed, because the whole space is in love with the lovers. But Gardner decides to fight for his feelings and plans to fly to Earth in order to meet the one that makes his heart beat. How will this amazing story end? Learn this by starting the preview.
    2. "He and she". The film tells about several time periods of the life of one family.Victor - an aspiring ambitious writer. Sarah is a master in literature. One day, these two meet in a bar, meet and start a conversation on common topics. Suddenly for both, the evening ends with a night together. Victor and Sarah did not plan to build relationships, but by the will of fate fell in love with each other. They lived forty-five years and overcame quite a few obstacles, went through success, fame, wealth and boredom. As often happens, one gets everything, and the other goes into the shadows. Viewers will be interested to see how Victor and Sarah manage to walk together in life, strolling along the sunny boulevards of the most romantic city - Paris.
    3. "This whole world". This melodrama is definitely worth seeing, because it is sad and at the same time inspiring, inspiring and makes you think about a lot. Maddy - a young girl of eighteen, who, due to a disease of the immune system, was locked in her own house. Inside there is everything for the safety of the main character, whose body cannot withstand the attacks of viruses. Maddie never saw the world around, did not touch the trees, did not breathe the sea air and did not swim in the ocean.She dreams of living an ordinary life, but this is impossible. The girl meets the neighbor boy Ollie and begins to draw closer to him. Although their relationship is built through glass, the young man leaves no hope of touching Maddy and showing her the whole world. The main characters fall in love and are ready for anything to be together.
    4. "Gifted". The protagonist Frank Adler lives in a small Florida town by the sea and raises his niece Mary. The girl has a gift, but her uncle makes plans for a normal, calm school life. Everything would have happened, but the mother of Frank Evelyn recognizes the incredible talents of Mary. She sees the future of her granddaughter completely different and does not agree with her son. And this imperious woman is ready to do anything to get her way, even if she has to separate the girl from her beloved uncle, who has become her closest person.
    5. "Dislike". The film tells about the modern average Moscow family, going through hard times. Boris and Zhenya are still united by marriage, but are on the verge of divorce. Each of them made a final decision and plans to start everything from scratch. But to enter a new life, you need to divorce: only this formality prevents the heroes from parting completely.Due to constant quarrels, disputes, reproaches and mutual offenses, Zhenya and Boris forget about the general twelve-year-old child Alesha, who feels unnecessary and unloved by his parents. Suddenly, after another scandal of the main characters, their son disappears. Will almost the former spouses unite the general grief or will be the last straw?
    6. "Tulip fever."The film is based on a work of the same name by Deborah Moghak and takes viewers to Holland of the seventeenth century. Then the real tulip fever began in the country: these tender flowers helped one to become rich, and others turned into beggars. The inhabitants of Amsterdam went to extreme measures: they deceived, slandered and even killed. Against the backdrop of this chaos, the story of forbidden love begins. Sophia married an elderly, wealthy man, but does not have feelings for him. The husband, wishing to capture the beauty of the girl, invites the young and talented artist Jean to the house. A spark is running between two young men, and soon Sofia's husband begins to guess about it. Lovers are decided on an incredible adventure to be together. But will they be able to carry out their plans?
    7. "Despite everything"- a story based on real events. The main character is the guy Salia, who dreams of a successful career in the hotel business. His main desire is to get a place and start an internship at the most prestigious hotel in Munich. Nothing can stand in the way of a young man, even a sharp deterioration in vision. Finally, the dream comes true, and Salia settles into the hotel. But the management does not know anything about the problems of the new employee, so the guy should try not to be exposed and fired. He constantly finds himself in ridiculous situations because of poor vision, but still hopes for good luck and the help of friends, and also believes in himself. And it certainly should help the guy to achieve the goal.
    8. "My cousin Rachel". Philip loves his adoptive father Ambrose, so when he leaves for Italy, the stepson is bored and worried. Ambrose in a foreign country accidentally meets her distant relative Rachel and soon marries her. But the couple’s happy life was short: a man dies suddenly under very mysterious circumstances. Philip, who received letters from her father, is sure that the culprit of death is insidious Rachel, who decided to get her husband's fortune.The guy begins to develop a plan of cruel revenge and tries to expose the main character, but one day he realizes that he has fallen in love with her without memory. What is the secret of Rachel?
    9. "Roden". The list should also include this film, which describes the history of life and the path to glory of the sculptor Auguste Rodin, who became famous throughout the world. This is an ekranizirovanny story about genius, talent, climbing to the top of art and, of course, about feelings. Auguste received his main order, being at the age of forty, and worked on it for many years. Rodin was famous for his numerous love affairs, because of which he left the mother of an only child and a devoted companion Rosa. The sculptor fell in love with his pupil Camilla, whose life was very difficult and full of not only strong feelings and vivid emotions, but also mutual torments. The melodrama turned out to be heartfelt and dynamic, so it will certainly interest the audience.
    10. La La Land. In a bohemian society, Los Angeles is called La La Land, and it is here that young talents seek fame, recognition and wealth. But not everyone succeeds.Novice actress arrives in the city for the main roles, but for now she has to serve coffee to already established stars. A talented jazz musician dreams about a big stage, but performs in bars. These two meet, and between them flare up real feelings. Inspired young people revel in their happiness and think that it will always be like this. But when both begin to build a career and achieve first success, love begins to fade. And yet the heroes will try to keep their feelings and remain faithful to each other and to themselves.

    These were the best and most interesting melodramas that will leave the most pleasant impressions after watching.

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