• Top 10 most famous watch brands

    The watches are worn by many, but not all pay attention to the brand of this product when buying. And which brands are considered the most famous?

    So, the top 10 most popular watch brands:

    1. "Rolex"- this is probably the most popular brand. Watches of this brand are worn by many celebrities, because they are an attribute of luxury and an indicator of consistency. These watches are popular in all countries, the brand is as recognizable as, for example, Mercedes or BMV in the automotive world. Each model is unique in its own way and represents a real masterpiece of art, created by real masters of their craft and made according to all world standards.

    The company can be called an innovator both in design and in the technologies used. The range is so diverse that everyone will find something to their liking. Businessmen, celebrities, serious politicians, and sportsmen remain satisfied. The most popular collections are: “Yacht-Master”, “Datejust”, “Daytona”, “Explorer”. By the way, over 500 thousand watches of the brand are produced annually.

    2. "Cartier"- This is a French company that produces not only watches, but also jewelry. Separately it is worthwhile to dwell on female models, because they are true works of art and literally imbued with luxury, wealth and chic. Today, the brand is known all over the world, but it all began in 1847 with a small jewelry workshop that was founded by Louis-Francois Cartier.

    Twenty years later, the products began to exhibit at the Paris exhibitions, and since then the company began to gain popularity. The first watches of the brand, by the way, were released in 1888. And in 1904, the grandson of the company's founder, Louis Cartier, produced the Santos wrist watch, which he dedicated to his friend. And it was that model that brought the brand real success. And from 1906 began to be produced wrist watches decorated with precious stones.

    3.One of the most famous brands isPatek Philippe, which belongs to the category of "super premium". Used in the manufacture of mechanisms are considered the most complex in the world and, therefore, they are the most accurate. Each model is a real masterpiece of art, because it is distinguished by originality, high style and uniqueness.

    Once, such watches were very much loved by kings, but today they are preferred by celebrities, businessmen, famous athletes and government officials. Patek Philippe is a Swiss company founded in 1839 by a simple immigrant Pole Anthony Patek and his incredibly talented friend Frenchman Adrian Philippe. The watches of this brand are considered the most expensive in the world, and the cross of the Spanish Order of Calatrava is the symbol of the brand.

    4. “Vacheron Constantin”. This Swiss watch house was founded in 1755. Then a young and inexperienced watchmaker in a notary's office issued a contract of hiring an apprentice. And almost immediately the services began to use the representatives of the aristocracy (for example, the wife of Napoleon). This brand has become popular due to the unusual combination of conservative classics and bright modern styles.

    The company's products are recognizable, therefore, they are known all over the world, and among both the rich and famous, and among the most ordinary people (although only wealthy people can afford this luxury, of course). The choice of models and design options and textures is huge. And the performance is so original that buying a watch, you can be sure that you stand out from the crowd.A nice bonus is a lot of additional features, and some of them are quite useful.

    5. Audemars Piguet- this is not only a recognizable and popular, but also very extravagant brand. The masters of the company manage to miraculously pay tribute to traditions, adhere to modern fashion trends, use innovations and at the same time create bright, catchy and sometimes fancy products. Such watches are especially loved by famous athletes, in particular, football players, tennis players, basketball players and racers.

    By the way, the brand got into the Guinness Book of Records for the thinnest watch. And this Swiss company was founded in 1875 by Jules-Louis Odemar and Edward-Auguste Pige. Odemar was in charge of the technical part of the production, while Pigué was the sponsor. The real popularity of the company came in 1889 after the opening of a branch in Geneva.

    6. “Panerai”This is another well-known brand in the world, worthy of attention. The company was established in 1860 and since then it has been successfully developing and has become one of the most famous and popular all over the world. And the whole thing is that the masters successfully combine the accuracy and reliability of Swiss movements and a sophisticated, elegant and incredibly stylish Italian design.

    In addition, the designers of the brand are famous for their creative approach to the development of watches, so that each new model becomes bright, unique and memorable. Recognizable and charismatic style is known to all. And in the watch of this brand today are "flaunting" such celebrities as Orlando Bloom, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Sylvester Stallone and many others.

    7. “Frank Muller”. This brand can be recognized by its unique design, which can be seen in almost every model. One has only to see the dial with unusual numbers, and to know any model is not difficult. By the way, this company’s 100-year history, as listed above, doesn’t, but it doesn’t make the brand less popular.

    It was founded in 1991, but during its existence, managed not only to find admirers, but also to become one of the most famous. This is a real example of the fact that all genius is simple, and practicality is above all. Fans of the clock are many, and among them are such successful and famous people as Samuel L. Jackson, Rio Ferdinand, Antonio Banderas and even Dmitry Medvedev.

    8. "Breguet". The history of this Swiss luxury brand has more than 230 years, so the company can be safely called the real “old-timer” of the world of watch movements.Almost all models differ indecently expensive, stylish, charismatic and modern chronometers.

    And, of course, this watch won the recognition of the “cream of society”, the category of which includes people like Nicolas Sarkozy, Nikita Mikhalkov and Vladimir Putin. Since 1991, this brand has been part of the Swatch group of companies.

    9. “Hublot”- this is a “newcomer” in the world of expensive watches, which no one has known for just a few years. The company was founded in 1980 by Karl Krokk, and he managed to reach unprecedented heights. The dial design is based on the "fusion" style, which combines seemingly incompatible details. And that is what makes each model unique and recognizable.

    10. "TAG Heuer". This brand was formed in 1860 and throughout its existence has been marked by awards and prizes at many international exhibitions, and for good reason.

    The company owns such important innovative developments as a high-precision mechanical caliber, a swinging gear and some others. And all this is combined with impeccable style and presentable appearance of each model. And it is for this brand that the richest and most famous love so much.

    Are you ready to buy an expensive watch of a famous brand?

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