• Top 10 Life Exposure Products

    10 place: Oatmeal

    It helps reduce blood sugar. Increases the acidity of gastric juice. Good for poor digestion. Helps to normalize the intestines. If you have problems with constipation or diarrhea, then they can easily be cured with oatmeal.

    9th place: Garlic

    No wonder there is a belief that garlic drives away evil spirits. Also in our body, it kills a lot of harmful various substances. Thanks to him, we have dilated vessels, which contributes to the good work of the heart and brain. Who suffers from hypertension, it is worth eating a few cloves of garlic and the pressure drops. Another garlic prevents the development of cancer.

    8th place: Green tea. If you drink a cup of green tea, then it is equivalent to eat a portion of vegetables. Since it is rich in various beneficial substances that can lower cholesterol in the blood.

    7th place: Sea fish. If there is always a sea fish, you can prevent a stroke.

    6 place: The constant use of cocoa strengthens the immune system of the body and does not allow to develop a stomach ulcer.

    5th place: wheat germ.Everyone knows that wheat removes toxins from toxins from the body. Also restores the metabolism.

    4th place: Apples. Apples have a lot of iron and iodine. Thanks to them, the body is well cleaned.

    3rd place: Grapes. Healthier dark grapes, its skin and bones contain vitamin E, which is very necessary for the body.

    2 place: Tomatoes. Lycopene is a natural strong antioxidant found in tomatoes. Tomatoes help accelerate cell renewal and renewal.

    1st place: Blueberry. It improves eyesight. Reduces inflammation. Counteracts skin aging. Strengthens the nervous system and vascular walls.

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