• To sell the soul?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    March 18, 2015
    To sell the soul?

    In the modern world there are no prohibitions, in it you can sell and buy anything, the exception is not the soul. This may seem ridiculous to many, but, nevertheless, there will be buyers for such a product.

    From our article you can find out who to sell your soul to.

    Potential shower shoppers

    If you recall the work of Goethe “Faust” and act according to it, you should offer your soul to the devil. You can do this, both by turning to the sorcerer, and independently. If you have a cherished desire, then you can mentally turn to the owner of hell and ask him to exchange the dream for the soul. Soon the desired will be fulfilled, and your soul will pass into the possession of the devil, who may come after her at any moment.

    No matter how surprising it may sound, you can put your soul on an online auction. Moreover, for such a product, many will fight and raise the price, in the end it will be possible to earn good money.

    You can also ask around your friends: perhaps someone will need your soul, and he will gladly buy it from you at a reasonable price. As a rule, the contract is signed in blood.After that, the soul passes into the possession of another person.

    Before selling your soul, think well: after all, material goods can quickly end, moreover, they often do not bring satisfaction and happiness. You should not bury yourself alive, it is better to try to achieve everything on your own.

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