• Tips for warming an apartment

    1. Let the sun in the house!If you live in a sunny apartment, do not forget, going to work, push the curtains and raise the blinds - the room warms up enough for the day. After sunset, curtains should be closed immediately to keep warm.

    2. Check the windows.Even before the onset of cold weather, investigate the double-glazed windows: are there any cracks through which drafts will burst into the room? If any were found, walk to the nearest stroymarket for a special gel (liquid plastic or silicone), which should be filled up the gap.

    3. Another purpose of the packaging film.The packaging film with air bubbles not only protects fragile items, but also serves as an excellent insulator! Cut the required piece of size and just press it to the pre-moistened glass!

    4. Stop heating the street.Wrap a piece of cardboard with foil and place it behind the radiator. Thus, you significantly reduce heat loss!

    5.Don't forget the chimney ...If you live in a private house, do not forget to turn it off to prevent heat loss.

    6 ... and also about the boiler!Wrapping his old blankets, you reduce heat loss by about 10%.

    7. Do not forget about yourself, loved ones!Buy a beautiful and warm home suit, so that you feel comfortable in it.

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