• Tip 2: 5 rules for raising a happy child

    Trust between people can not be, if between them there is no open communication. Learn to listen carefully to what your colleagues are saying to you. Your interest in their speech should be sincere. Specify, if something is not clear to you, do not let them think that you take their words not seriously. If you are discussing any point concerning your work, let your interlocutor express his point of view and state his vision for solving the problems that arise. The task here is to make all interlocutors feel equal and not feel pressure from anyone's side. They should know that they are listened to and trusted. Such communication will create with colleagues at work a sense of involvement in one business.
    Try to never make individual decisions if a lot of people are involved in the process of making them. Involve the team in discussion cases whenever necessary.Let your colleagues understand that you are ready to trust their opinion, delegate to them the right to make a decision if they are competent enough.
    Try not to single out any of your colleagues, your attitude towards everyone should be the same. Do not get involved in the discussion of gossip, especially regarding the discussion of your colleagues, it can be detrimental to relationships in a team. Remember that the people you are discussing can learn about this conversation, trust in this case can not be. Try to maintain friendly relations with everyone you work with.
    Be decent, learn to keep promises that you make to your colleagues. If you give a positive response to their requests for help, never let them down. Do not disclose to anyone the information received from colleagues, if it is confidential.
    Learn to admit your mistakes and never blame others. Remember that workflow is never perfect. Everyone makes mistakes sooner or later. Attempts to avoid responsibility even for minor blunders and to preserve, thus, their reputation will significantly undermine the credibility of others.Do not hide your failures, do everything to prevent them in the future.
    If you lead a team, trust between you and your employees will directly affect your work performance. Try to help your colleagues solve difficult issues if they face difficulties that they cannot cope with for a long time. Surrounding people will know about your attitude towards such things, they will trust you more. If you do not understand certain things, do not be afraid to admit it. The confidence of your employees will be much higher if you say that you do not know how to act and offer to look for a way out. Confidence will be greatly undermined if you hide your ignorance and offer erroneous solutions.

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