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    Hello! 10 years ago, my husband lived with a girl and she gave birth to his son after he left for the Crimea at a place of residence from the Moscow region. and since then they do not communicate, after 9 years, she came to her senses and decided to sue DNA and alimony, (well, that's fine). So I’m in marriage with him for 7 years and have three children. His ex-girlfriend calls and threatens me with personal reprisals. And is there a law that climbs into someone else's family with a threat and injures his child, forcing him to call his father, have they never communicated ?!
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    Igor Borisov
    Igor Borisov
    Answered on April 7, 2015 10:16
    Record the call to the recorder and go to the station recording
    Olga Happy
    Olga Happy
    Is there a law that climbs into someone else's family with a threat? Maybe I can just write to her that she faces for it and she will think about it !?
    Answered on April 7, 2015 10:23, to Igor Borisov |
    By itself, the threat of life - this is an article of the criminal code. Art. 119 of the Criminal Code. Correctly say - record a telephone conversation and write a statement to this person. Just first record the conversation, save, and then in response, threaten to write a statement, do not say that you have a record of the conversation.

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