• That's what the Poles invented on the Baltic beaches ... How do you like this idea?

    • Idiots

    • Anonymous

      On the Baltic beaches is windy. Sand just flogs. it was before.

    • Michael

      wild people

    • Anonymous

      A cold wind is blowing in the Baltic. You can bask in the sun only by cutting yourself off from it. Otherwise it is very cold.

    • Volodymyr

      If they are such civilized zapadentsy, they could come up with something decent. For example, the streets of the old advertising banners, pens for animals, places, latrines, etc., etc.…

    • Dagmar

      Idiots, this is Baltic! There, the wind is just cold, and these screens protect it well)

    • Anonymous

      Idiocy - article. It is from the wind. From the choral Baltic wind.

    • Anonymous

      author dalbayob

    • Anonymous

      it’s windy in Koenik at sea.

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