• "This is a new day in Moscow", or Ivan Urgant quail "La La Land"

    Why did La La Land not become the film of the year? Yes, because he did not have enough drama, and from the very beginning. Well, what kind of cork can be in the sun-drenched Los Angeles, another thing - March Moscow. Here there are branches of heating mains, cables and veins, and exhausts that it is “pleasant” to breathe, and clear signals from those who want to be closer to the finish line ... On the radio there is a joyful DJ, Gazmanov and the horror of the news, and porridge in his head. All this is a new day in Moscow! About what Ivan Urgant told. In the new edition of "Evening Urgant" he, along with Dmitry Khrustalev, the singer Elka and others quail (and even more - recrossed!) A song from the musical "La La Land."

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