• These ideas will decorate your home.

    Creating something new with your own hands is a great way to spend time. Many projects can be implemented without any special tools. You can do with what is in every house. Implement any of these 12 ideas and get real pleasure!

    In addition to the joy of the creative project, you will receive new interesting things that will decorate your home. Some ideas are suitable for creating gifts for friends and relatives. What idea seems to you the most successful?

    Tornado in the bank.

    Such a souvenir will surprise children and adults. He will also gather guests around the party. All you need is a bottle or a can with a round bottom. In the chosen container you need to pour water, add a little liquid soap, a spoonful of vinegar, and, if desired, a drop of food coloring. Color choose at your discretion. You can make the liquid more festive, stirring a pinch of sparkles in it.

    Soap will make the water denser, and the "tornado" will last longer in it. And the vinegar will not allow the water to foam too much. Capacity must be hermetically closed and twist in one direction. The hurricane has begun!

    Necklace of jars with star nebulae.

    The space theme is incredibly popular today. That's whatwill needfor this project:

    • small jars with rings in traffic jams
    • chain
    • toothpick
    • acrylic paints of various colors
    • cotton balls or discs
    • waterproof glue
    • glitter
    • syringe with water

    Cotton balls or discs need to break into small pieces and set aside. Add a little water to the jar with a syringe. In different jars add glitter and paint in different colors. Then, using a toothpick, fill the jar with cotton until half.

    Now add paint of another color, add water and some more cotton wool. Glue the cork with a ring with waterproof glue. The original decoration is ready. You can wear such a jar on a pendant or make a whole necklace.

    Colored clouds

    Great trick that will liven up any party.

    You will need:

    • clean glass or vase (it’s better to choose a larger one)
    • contrast food colors
    • shaving cream
    • water
    • syringes
    • dye mixing tanks

    Fill a transparent vase or large glass with clean water. Make a big cloud of shaving cream on the surface. In small containers, mix food coloring with water. Perfectly fit ice molds. Now take the syringe, fill it with a dye of one color and gently squeeze it out into the cloud. And so we do with every dye.

    Colored dyes will pass through the cream and fall to the bottom of the glass, forming a pattern in water that resembles colored rain. It looks awesome! Such a focus will especially impress children.

    Seashell Frame

    To make such a frame is very simple, and it looks just great. You can make it as a gift to friends and relatives. We paint the usual wooden frame with acrylic paint. Looks great sea green. Then we paste the shells, adding pearl beads, which will play the role of pearls. Suitable for fixing carpentry or silicone glue. For greater strength, you can cover the frame with acrylic varnish.

    Multicolored keys.

    Many keys are simply impossible to distinguish from each other. If you have a whole bunch, and you are tired every time to spend time searching for the necessary,there is a way out!

    Just paint the caps with nail polish. Now remember what the key to which the lock will be much easier. And if this did not help, make small marks with varnish on the locks. Nail polish can be replaced with acrylic paint.

    Sleeping pots

    Ordinary white ceramic pots can be revived using a permanent marker drawing. The author of the idea pots doze. But the picture can be anything. Just place the pots of drawings for a few minutes in the oven to make the drawing stick.

    Marble mugs

    Ordinary white circles can be decorated with the original “marble” pattern. To do this, just need to drop in the water a little nail polish and dip into that liquid that part of the mug that you want to paint. You can fix the picture with acrylic varnish.

    Colored vases

    Such vases can decorate any interior, and also serve as a decor for a party. Simply pick up glass bottles of interesting shape and apply acrylic paint on the inside with a syringe. You can use several colors in one vase. Delicate pastel shades are easy to get if you use white paint as a basis.It is desirable that all containers were made of colorless transparent glass. It remains only to wait for the paint to dry.

    The lamp of lace napkins

    Do not throw out the old lace napkins, if they did not have a place in the house. You can give them a new life as an original lamp. Take the balloon and glue the lace to it. After the glue has completely dried (PVA will work well), pierce the ball and pull out its remnants. You can use the resulting ball as a chandelier or chandelier lampshade for a desk lamp. Looks very refined.

    Sakura on the stencil

    Think you are not very strong in drawing? Try to start with this simple technique. Just paint the barrel with black paint and let it dry. Use the bottom of a regular plastic bottle as a stencil print. Dip it in pink paint and leave marks on the desired surface. The drawing will be clear and accurate even for a novice artist.

    Pockets for a small garden.

    For those who love different plants, but could not find a place for a full garden. Unlike pots, such pockets will not take up much space.You can use a ready-made shoe holder for this idea, or sew a similar design yourself.

    You can arrange the pockets on the balcony or on the fence of a small area.

    Cord Bowls

    A great item for storing small things can be made from the simplest cord or rope. A regular bowl, from which the mold will be copied, should be wrapped with a rope, gluing its edges with hot glue. In such bowls you can store vegetables, fruits and other useful things. They are light and do not fight. Ideal for a picnic!

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