• The wonderful idea of ​​the transformation of old chairs

    If you have a few old chairs standing idle, which, it would seem, have long served their own time, this does not mean at all that it’s time to take them to a landfill or send them to the kiln. Think about where the house, in the country, in the courtyard is not enough comfortable place to sit. There will certainly be useful original benches made by themselves.

    How to upgrade a chair

    We will need:

    • 3 old chairs (preferably the same height)
    • plywood 1.5-2 meters long
    • hacksaw
    • sandpaper
    • drill and drill bits
    • screwdriver
    • furniture stapler
    • soft padding for seat cushions
    • upholstery fabric

    We proceed to the manufacture of:

    Put the chairs in a row, after removing them from the old seats. It is necessary to measure the total width of the chairs and add 10 centimeters. Next, make holes where plywood will be fastened.

    Sand the surface of the chairs and paint them. Put the chairs in line, with an interval of 5 centimeters. Put a sheet of plywood on top and mark the place of future fastening with screws.Drill holes.

    Using a stencil, draw the corners of the future seat on the plywood and cut out the shape.

    We attach the upholstery for furniture with a stapler.

    From the top, fasten the upholstery fabric by adding 10 centimeters on each side to the hem.

    Attach the seat with screws and enjoy the result!

    Original shop

    We will need:

    • MDF sheet
    • hacksaw or jigsaw
    • simple pencil
    • paint
    • paint brushes

    We proceed to the manufacture of:

    We remove the seats from the old chairs. Put on them a sheet of MDF at a distance of 15 centimeters from each other and note the dimensions.

    Now you need to cut out a new seat.

    We paint the frameworks of old chairs and MDF sheet in your favorite colors.

    We fix the processed sheet of MDF to the bases of the chairs and everything is ready!

    Bench with shelf

    If you got chairs with a curved back, make a garden bench out of them.

    We fix each end of the bench frame with the help of long screws - with two screws to the back. The length of the bench depends on you.

    Now do the shelf. So the bench will be more robust and functional.

    Now go to the finishing work. Wooden surfaces shpaklyuem, skins and paint.

    From the plywood we construct a seat - we cut out a piece of plywood, we cover with foam rubber and accurately we cover with an upholstery fabric.

    For greater comfort, you can throw a few decorative pillows-pillows on the bench. All is ready!

    As you can see, do not throw out old chairs. A little work and imagination and they were presented with a new life.

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