• The typewriter was turned into a color handheld printer

    American artistTyree Callahancreated an unusual typewriter, and called itThe Chromatic Typewriter(Chromatic typewriter). The machine that was originally created for typing, now ..draws! It can print on paper, not in ink, but in oil paints.

    The artist changed all the numbers and letters for colors and shades. Each key on the typewrite means a certain color. Thanks to this, everyone who has always wanted to draw, but was afraid to try, now can experience himself as an artist ..

    Here's how the idea came to Tyree: “Next to me was an old typewriter Olivetti, and I thought about adding some text to a watercolor,” he said.

    “I rolled up the watercolor under the carriage and started typing, and then inspiration came to me. I knew that an old typewriter would be perfect for the project, ”Callahan recalled. After he bought the Underwood Standard 1937 machine in the store, it took him about a month to clean it up. “Her cleaning was a tough time for me.The tar from smoking must have accumulated on it for forty years, ”said the 39-year-old artist.

    The approximate price of such a machine is from 3 to 5 thousand dollars.

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