• The trick that is already used by thousands of girls around the world

    We all know that PVA glue can be used for decoupage or if necessary to glue something. But lately, PVA glue has burst into the world of manicure. Foreign beauty bloggers are confident that this is an indispensable tool for painting nails. Amazing isn't it?


    PVA glue is great as a base for manicure with sparkles. Pour glue into an empty lacquer bottle and dilute it with 2 tsp. Of water. Apply glue to the nail, let dry and fix with varnish and sparkles. Firstly, the manicure will look brighter. And secondly, it will be easier to remove sparkles.

    Do not worry that the glue will dry the skin around the nails, because it is absolutely harmless to the nails and does not have a strong smell.

    It is also no secret that it is problematic to wipe the skin from nail polishes without damaging the manicure, especially in the area of ​​the cuticle. Thickly apply glue to your fingers - the layer should not be very thin, let the glue flow under the cuticle. If the varnish has gone beyond the edges, after drying the glue with residual varnish is easily removed.

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