• The stars did not count calories on Thanksgiving

    Sonya Morsikova November 24, 2017

    Every fourth Thursday of November in the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, which means that the Instagram tape is filled with the aroma of turkey and carrot cake - traditional dishes. It is customary to receive guests and cover the table on a holiday, but what you should not do is count calories and refuse corn bread and cranberry or cowberry sauces to the main course. We looked at the pages of the stars and saw how Kaya Gerber was helping her mother in the kitchen with concentration, Reese Witherspoon was in a hurry to share with the subscribers a picture of the cake, while he didn’t have any crumbs, Justin Timberlake made the cake under the strict guidance of Jessica Beale, and Tom Brady baked with her daughter cakes, posing Giselle Bundchen at the camera.

    Separate attention was paid to the efforts of Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell: the first laid out a picture of herself in the image of the main symbol of the year, and the second recalled who is the main decoration of the evening.

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