• The splendor of the jewelry garden of Kunio Nakajima

    Kunio Nakajima was born in 1955, received a higher education in economics. However, he felt a vocation to a completely different kind of activity. He wanted to continue the family tradition and learn the art of making jewelry. Kunio Nakajima decided to embody in his works his vision of the nature of Japan, looking at the plants of the meadows and fields of his homeland - the Shinshu region. All sketches were created in the open air, while walking in nature. One of the most famous of his collections is called "In the Garden." It includes about eighty jewels using various precious metals and stones. Jewelry Kunio Nakajima decorated with hot enamel, made in the old Japanese technique "Sippo". It is noteworthy that in his works the Japanese master displays nature and its inhabitants, for example, an acorn or clover, a lizard or a butterfly.

    Plants, flowers, berries, animals, insects, birds - these are the main images of his collection.Characteristic features of the collection Kunio Nakajima - elegance, originality, lightness, naturalness and impeccability. The author took a simple idea and recreated what he considers beautiful in the world around him. Kunio Nakajima is widely known not only in Japan, but also in Europe, where his works of jewelry have found a large number of fans.

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