• The secrets of flawless makeup for girls with freckles

    A pale and even skin tone has always been considered a sign of aristocracy. But in England and France, freckles were considered a sign of youth, enthusiasm and sexuality. Some court ladies specially painted their face with small bright dots. Nowadays, girls, whom nature has made "freckled", often consider themselves unattractive, in every way trying to hide from all so-called skin imperfections.

    But even eminent stylists and makeup artists confirm that “cannabis” is a nice feature that you just need to be able to emphasize.

    Face tone

    First of all, you need to abandon the tonal creams with a dense texture. Such tools do not mask the features of the skin, but only worsen the appearance, giving the face a grayish tint.

    The ideal option is a light tone that will even out the texture and give the face a haze. Remember that freckles should shine through the base, then you will look as natural as possible.Suitable shades - beige-gold, honey, peach.

    Before imposing tone do not forget to use concealer. But remember that it was created in order to hide such drawbacks as pimples or redness, so it's necessary to use it competently, without trying to "cover up" everything.

    Over the tonal basis, it is necessary to apply mineral friable powder. You can use a transparent tool or with a light tone that will gently fall on the face, keeping it opaque.


    If you do not want to look ridiculous, it is better not to paint eyebrows. If they are too light, you can use a pencil or special shadows as close as possible to the color of the hair.


    When applying makeup, "sunny" girls should adhere to several rules.

    1. Give up the shades of brown, they will merge with freckles and look sloppy.
    2. But the pencil or eyeliner brown and bronze color perfectly emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes.
    3. If you want to make invisible freckles on the eyelids, apply a small layer of powder first.
    4. Shadows with glitter will give a special charm and solemnity.
    5. In the afternoon, you can use colored mascara (blue, purple, brown) for eyelashes, and black for evening makeup. In order to visually enlarge the eyes and “open” them, it is necessary to paint only the upper row of eyelashes in two layers.


    The complexion of “sunny” girls may look very attractive, but in this case the final touch should be a bronzer or rouge. Bronzer will help create a light tan, which is beneficial to shade freckles.

    A bright peach, soft pink and coral blush will look very natural, focusing on the cheekbones.


    It all depends on whether you want to highlight your zest or hide it. How to make freckles less visible? Choose a plum or cherry shade of lipstick. But the pink color contrasts perfectly with the "kisses of the sun", making the image of a romantic and gentle. Also suitable coral, red, apricot shades.

    It is also worth remembering that the cause of the appearance of freckles is often the sun, so it is best to choose cosmetics with a high SPF filter that can protect you from exposure to direct rays.

    In addition, skin with freckles should be given enough attention in the process of cleansing.Do not forget to use facial cleansers, as well as facial peels, which will make the skin texture smoother, and special whitening ingredients will help to lighten the face a little.

    Any woman is beautiful, if she is sure of herself. Take care of yourself and have fun.

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