• The secrets of creating makeup for glasses

    Today's fashion determines that glasses are not only a means of correcting vision problems, but also a stylish accessory that can successfully complement any image. However, this attribute requires a much more thorough approach to makeup, because diopters are able to emphasize all the slightest flaws and shortcomings of the skin, visually distorting not only the shape of the eye, but the entire face. Then how to make a spectacular make-up, the most beneficial emphasizes all the advantages of appearance and in harmony with the geometry and color of the frame? About this today and talk.

    Some common rules

    Regardless of what type of cosmetic correction you choose, there are some features of applying makeup under glasses:

    • Lenses always change the tone of the skin under the eyes, casting shadows on them. Therefore it is worth using a tonal basis, a tone lighter than usual. In this case, eyepieces emit all the wrinkles, pimples, black circles and other shortcomings, therefore, a set of masking tools can not be done.Concealer, concealer and reflective powder - the absolute must have of your cosmetic.
    • Diopters with farsightedness visually significantly increase the eyes, and with myopia, on the contrary, reduce. This should be considered when applying cosmetics.
    • The shape and color of the frame directly affect the choice of makeup. The "more modest" glasses - a neutral rim or lack thereof, a calm form, the more room is opened in terms of make-up possibilities. Here are welcome and arrows, and more saturated shadows, and the use of bright lipstick. If you prefer eyepieces of unusual geometry, with a wide, colored or black rim, it is worthwhile to dwell on the most natural make-up with careful feathering of the lines.
    • The success of the image directly depends on the correct combination of the shape of eyeglasses and eyebrows. The same rule works here - the more expressive the frame, the less bright the eyebrows should be and vice versa. It is also worth staying at the smoother brow lines. Although you do not need to go to extremes and try to duplicate the shape of the rim on the eyebrows.
    • Beautiful and neat makeup under the diopter implies mandatory twisting of the eyelashes.This not only "opens up" the look, but also eliminates the possibility of mascara soiling the glasses, which looks terrible.
    • Using shadows, it should be remembered that in no case should they be above the upper line of the frame.
    • The application of blush should be performed with the glasses on, so as not to obscure the excess area of ​​cheekbones under the glasses.

    It is also worth saying that wearing glasses requires choosing better and more expensive cosmetics under the eyes, which will last for a long time. After all, there is nothing more untidy than a fallen carcass or a spreading liner, and even if the effect of them is magnified by lenses.

    Nuances of myopia

    Here the main task is to correctly emphasize and enlarge the eyes, therefore the use of arrows, bright shadows and even the effect of “smoky-eyes” is welcomed. If in everyday life you do not use liner, teach yourself to draw with a pencil at least the space between the upper eyelids. From this eyelashes look much thicker, and the look "opens." Also stop the choice on lengthening and volume ink, as much as possible emphasizing a ciliary contour.

    Another trick is the selection of the inner corner of the eye with a light concealer, from which the eyes begin to shine.

    Be sure to use at least two matching shadow colors, highlighting the outer corner of the eye with a darker shade.

    Given that this eye makeup looks bright enough, for a daytime look it would be better to choose a lip gloss or lipstick of light, natural tones.

    Secrets of make-up for hyperopia

    Such lenses visually enlarge the eyes, so clear lines and cosmetics of saturated colors will have to be abandoned. The main thing that should be paid attention is the creation of an ideal skin tone. It is important to disguise all the flaws, while not overdoing the tools. Otherwise, you will only underline all wrinkles.

    As for the shadows, it is better to choose natural dull matte mono shades. In no case be seduced by pearly shadows, which under the glasses will look vulgar. Also, do not repeatedly highlight eyelashes with ink. Easy underscore would be enough.

    But lips with this makeup can be safely made bright.

    If making a make-up by yourself while wearing glasses causes you difficulty, a one-time visit to a professional stylist will be useful, who will quickly select the most successful images for you, both for going to work and for publishing.

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