• Secrets of cooking cake "Drunk cherry"

    Drunk Cherry cake literally falls in love with the first pieces, because it has a stunning spicy taste and incredible aroma. And this dessert is quite possible to cook yourself, if you know and use some secrets.

    What is this cake?

    Cake "Drunk Cherry" is called so because its filling is made from cherries, which are pre-soaked in wine or in another alcoholic beverage. As a result, the dessert gets a spicy and slightly tart taste, and the sponge cake is soaked with a characteristic pleasant aroma.

    Drunk Cherry is rather a Russian version of the name. It is believed that the "progenitor" of dessert is the equally popular "Black Forest Cake", which is also called "Black Forest", which translates as "dark forest." The history of the dessert is for sure unknown, since there are a lot of versions. And therefore, to determine the homeland is also impossible.

    How to cook?

    How to cook a cake "Drunken Cherry"? Step by step instructions are discussed below.

    To make a classic cake, you will need:

    For sponge cake:

    • two glasses of flour;
    • 2.5 glasses of granulated sugar;
    • ten chicken eggs;
    • two or three tablespoons of cocoa powder.

    For filling:

    • about 2.5 cups of cherry berries;
    • half a glass of brandy (or a glass of red wine, if you want the dessert to be more tender);
    • two or three tablespoons of granulated sugar (if the berries are very sour, then the amount can be increased).

    For cream:

    • three glasses of granulated sugar;
    • four or five chicken eggs;
    • three packs of butter (i.e. about 600 grams);
    • five to six tablespoons of milk;
    • two bags of vanillin (optional).

    To prepare the glaze:

    • five tablespoons of milk;
    • dark chocolate bar (i.e. 100 g).

    Process description:

    1. The first thing you need to do is prepare the filling, and it should be started a few days before the date on which you plan to serve the cake. Cherry well wash, remove from her bones. Pour berries with brandy or wine, close the container tightly and leave to stand for two to four days at room temperature (if you use wine, it is better to remove the cherry in a cool place, as it can ferment).
    2. Now you can proceed to the preparation of biscuit.Place in a sufficiently deep and wide capacity of eggs with sugar, whisk them well to form a fairly stable white foam. Then gently and slowly enter cocoa in this composition, as well as flour. But you should mix everything carefully, otherwise the foam will fall off, and in the end the dough will not be airy. It is better to mix with a spoon or whisk slowly. Next, move the mixture into a pre-oiled baking dish, put it in a preheated to 170-180 degrees oven. The biscuit will be cooked for about twenty or thirty minutes.
    3. Then you can prepare the cream. In a saucepan mix half of the prepared sugar, milk and eggs, put everything on the stove. When the granulated sugar is completely dissolved, reduce the heat to minimum and torment the mixture until thick. Next, mix the remaining sugar with the previously softened (that is, lying in a rather warm place) butter, beat everything with a mixer. Now, add the butter mixture to the milk-egg mixture, add the vanillin and whisk again.
    4. Go to the assembly of the cake. To do this, cut the biscuit into two equal parts.Turn them over and take out the soft part from each one, leaving the bottom and walls (something like boxes will turn out). Separate about a quarter of the cream and the same number of cherries for decoration. Mix the remaining berries and cream with crumb. Put it in halves of a biscuit and put them together to make the view the same.
    5. Next, go to the decoration of the dessert. Top it with a cream cream, put the cherries. Then prepare the glaze: break the tile into small pieces, send to the microwave for a minute, then remove the mass, add the milk and mix everything well. Grease the cake from the sides with this mixture and pour a little on top.
    6. Now send the dessert to the refrigerator for a few hours so that it is well soaked and infused.
    7. Delicious cake "Drunk cherry" is ready!


    Some useful tips for experienced and novice hostesses:

    • If you are cooking a cake at home and are worried about the fact that the cake is burnt, then make the bottom of the form with parchment (baking paper) soaked in butter. If not, then simply sprinkle the container with flour.
    • So that after cutting the biscuit cakes turned out perfectly flat and not crumbled, it should be cut with a large kitchen knife.And beforehand pour it over with boiling water so that it is hot.
    • You should not cut a hot biscuit. First, you can burn yourself, and secondly, it will break and crumble. It is better to wait until it cools, and then proceed to cutting.
    • For decoration, you can use not only the glaze, but also, for example, cream or chocolate crumb, that is, grated chocolate.
    • If the above recipe seems difficult for you, then try to prepare the cream a little differently. For example, you can simply mix a can of condensed milk and a pack of butter. Optionally, you can also add a little brandy left after the infusion of cherries, and cocoa. Another variant of the cream is whipped cream with sugar. In general, you can experiment, it will not spoil the taste of the dessert.
    • The dough can also be prepared somewhat differently: mix three eggs, a glass of sugar and two glasses of sour cream. Separately connect three glasses of flour, a teaspoon of soda and cocoa. Next, mix the liquid ingredients with a dry, whisk and bake until ready (you can check it with a toothpick). Lightness and delicate taste are provided!
    • To make the cake even darker, you can slightly increase the amount of cocoa.You can also add it to the cream.
    • You can remove the bones from the berries with the help of the most ordinary pin.
    • If you are afraid that the biscuit will not rise and will not become sufficiently airy, then you can add either baking powder or soda extinguished with lemon juice or boiling water. Such components will start the process of formation of bubbles and help to achieve the desired consistency.
    • In a sponge cake, if desired, you can add rum or cognac, so that it will have a pleasant aroma.
    • So that the biscuit does not exactly fall apart after baking (when removing it from the container in which it was prepared), it is best to use a convenient detachable form.

    Be sure to take this dessert and rejoice them guests or household members!

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