• The perfect couple of April: jacket + necklace

    Irina Shchapova

    Irina Shchapova,
    journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

    We were not too lazy to review dozens of evening images from red tracks with trouser suits and noted an interesting pattern: a jacket with a deep or very deep neckline rarely figures alone - he is assisted by a necklace in the form of a delicate golden necklace or a completely indiscreet necklace with precious stones almost the size of a cherry. And at this moment, the string for the next fashion story itself came to mind: strict jackets look so “as a woman” attractively and temptingly, if you wear them exactly on a naked body (well, or on an almost imperceptible top or bustier) and evening with ornaments on the neck. On this topic, we have prepared some very luxurious and sexy "recipes."

    Mint color jacket + necklace with topaz

    A gentle union of pastel shades, as it were, inadvertently reminds us that summer is near and it’s time to switch from dark dark colors to light and slightly sentimental ones - this is the lyrics to usand there was not enough in the wardrobe the whole endless winter.

    The perfect couple of April: jacket + necklace

    Necklace "Alcor", silver, amethysts, topaz (order);jacket Mango (6 499 rub.)

    Jacket in a cage + necklace of pearls

    The gingham cage in any shade renders the romantic 50s, when it was customary to make hairstyles fluffy and the waists thin. Without removing this vintage patina, we would add to the jacket in a gingham cage not modern jewelery, but jewelry with history and meaning, for example, timeless pearls.

    The perfect couple of April: jacket + necklace

    Jacket Stradivarius (2 999 rub.)pearl necklace "PrimaExclusive" (order)

    Jacket with gilt buttons + necklace of gold

    White color and pink or yellow gold are classics of the genre of an expensive outfit that can present itself in the best light, be it Versace or a well-chosen mass market. In addition, a stylish white jacket with a decoration in the tone of accessories leaves full freedom of choice of the bottom - even leather pants, even a long evening skirt made of chiffon, even denim shorts.

    The perfect couple of April: jacket + necklace

    Jacket H & M (2 999 rub.)necklace SL, white and pink gold (order)

    Velvet jacket + necklace with cubic zirconias

    Buy yourself a piece of velvet, and the "special occasion" in order to dress up, will appear by itself. With the spectacular luxury of velvet, large and colored jewelry will look cumbersome and grotesque, but delicate thin chains and crystals in the neckline, on the contrary,will create a harmonious contrast.

    The perfect couple of April: jacket + necklace

    Necklace “Jewelers of the Northern Capital”, pink gold, cubic zirconias (to order)Madewell Jacket (£ 159)

    Jacket with print + gold pendant

    Suppose, while the holidays have not yet arrived, the tropical forest is blooming on your jacket. It’s easy to look lost in this jungle, admiring outlandish flowers and rare plants, which already gives us a hint for choosing a necklace jewelry - ideally it would be a pinpoint, miniature, but self-sufficient.

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