• The most original pantyhose in the 2012-2013 season (12 photos)

    Pantyhose is an indispensable part of the women's wardrobe. They are present in the closet absolutely all women, but not all ladies know that with their help you can drastically change their image.

    According to one of the dictionaries the word "pantyhose" means anxiety and inconvenience. One can easily agree with this, especially remembering the moments when tights are torn at the most inappropriate time.

    We began to wear this habitual clothes in the distant XIII century. And in those days, stockings were part of, exclusively male wardrobe. But, women did not remain long aside, and soon also began to wear them. The peak of the popularity of pantyhose comes in the sixties. Since then, they have firmly entered the life of every normal woman.

    The most common nylon pantyhose. They have an inexpensive cost and fairly good indicators of elasticity and strength. There are also stockings made from such material as microfiber.They, of course, will serve you not one month, but they will cost more.

    Women in tights are able to charm and drive more than one representative of the stronger sex. For men, this part of the wardrobe is always associated with sexuality. Yes, and they make legs slimmer, hiding the irregularities of the figure and making the silhouette more beautiful.

    Every girl should know that tights can be not only solid or black, but also have the most unusual colors and texture.

    In the 2012-2013 season, absolutely any woman will be able to find a suitable option. Which ones you choose depends only on your emancipation.

    In business style

    If you have a dress code at work, you need to understand that every day, whether it's hot outside or not, you should wear tights. We are all accustomed to wearing only body models in the office, but this year designers are calling for a coup. Now you can safely come to the office in red, yellow or blue versions and still be a real fashionista.

    Drawings and prints

    This season, you can safely surprise the surrounding tights with funny pictures on them.Anything can be drawn on them: flowers, cartoon characters, animals and birds. Especially nice look models in large peas.

    Bold girls can wear variants with a print in the form of tattoos. And of course, for so many years in a row, leopard designs have not been out of fashion.

    Your legs will be especially sexy in black tights. Lace can be large or small. Such models can be decorated not only with lace flowers, but also with stars, stripes and bows.

    Fashion tights allow us to be different every day: stand out from the crowd, shock others and just drive them crazy. Therefore, going to buy new options, do not limit yourself.

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