• The most interesting films about the mafia

    Practically everything that we know about the mafia we, in many respects, learned precisely from the cinema - this interesting and exciting topic is perfectly revealed. Still some 10 years ago fascinating films about the mafia were at the peak of their popularity, however, and now there are many fans who tickle themselves nerves with terrible and exciting disassemblies of real mafiosi.

    Gangsters, as the Mafiosi still call themselves, brought a lot of harm to the peaceful population in real life, especially in Italy, which can be said to be the birthplace of this criminal current.

    Over the years, the activities of the Mafiosi spread far beyond its borders, and the centuries-old struggle with its leaders gave rise to many legends and fascinating stories, which formed the basis for the plot of many famous films.

    Today we will compose the top of the best and fascinating films about the mafia, let's talk about actors who, as well as they could cope with the roles of gangsters, will plunge into the very thick of battles of mighty clans.

    • The "Godfather" trilogy, 1972-1990. It is not difficult to guess that this trilogy will be the one to open our list of the “best of the best”, because it includes the most significant films of the past century about the mafia and gangsters. Cult works that, as well as possible, convey the atmosphere of that time, and also reveal to the viewer not only the criminal activities of the next clan (for a moment, the famous Carleone dynasty), gunfights and chases, but also a deep family drama, based on the relationship between father and son . Cope with the Sicilian temperament and the image of Don Carleone were only recognized aces of the film industry - Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and, of course, Robert De Niro. The film, subsequently, was awarded the seven Oscar statuettes.
    • “Once upon a time in America”, 1984According to viewers and many film critics - this is the best movie about gangsters, which is completely devoid of any shortcomings. Italian director Sergio Leone fulfilled his long-term dream and still filmed a real film epic, which, with difficulty, fit on the 10-hour film! It is, of course, difficult to watch such a film in its entirety, so it is not surprising that a modest 4-hour version came out in the world.The film tells about two childhood friends who, at a tender age, began to engage in criminal activity. You will be able to watch with interest their joint adventures, rivalry and a difficult way of gaining wealth.
    • "Glorious Guys", 1990.Another iconic film from the Italian Martin Scorsese, who in the most masterful manner tells about the Italian mafia, which is based in America. The story of a boy who always dreamed of becoming a gangster, for which he arranged messengers to one local mafia. Over time, he himself achieves considerable heights in the field of permissiveness and organized crime. They say that this is one of the most cruel, but truthful, films about the real mafia that has ever been filmed by the world's cinematographers.
    • "Casino", 1995Beautiful picture, luxury of Las Vegas, expensive cars, big money and, of course, a fascinating plot, which, despite its considerable three hours, makes the viewer all the time in suspense. In the lead roles - the inimitable Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, as well as the attractive Sharon Stone - fit perfectly into the underworld of the mafia, intrigues and passions.
    • The Way of Carlito, 1993Another interesting film on this subject, which tells about the legendary head of the mafia group, Carlito Brigante, who has already managed to sit in jail. After years of imprisonment, he notes that a lot has changed in freedom, like himself. Now he has one dream - to quietly go to a quiet well-deserved rest, but, first, you need to return the debts and deal with your girlfriend. Starring again - Al Pacino, whose presence already raises interest in such a film several times.
    • Cocaine, 2001Another interesting work of director T. Demme, which is based on a story about a very real person - a smuggler who imports large amounts of cocaine to America. It all started with a dream that very soon turned into big money, luxury and constant risk. But is everything so sweet with real mafiosi?
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