• The most erotic scenes from movies

    We decided to recallbed scenes from movies - the most exciting and disturbing. At the same time, we decided not to abuse the paintings, which from year to year enter the top of the “most explicit scenes from the movies” type. Let Kim Basinger ("9½ weeks") and Sharon Stone ("Basic Instinct") rest, and we will remember others.

    What makes a scene from an erotic movie? Naked bodies? Frank poses? Sex in the movie? It seems to us that this is chemistry, which is between the heroes (and perhaps between the actors). Therefore, we picked up such erotic shots and moments of sex in movies, in which sex in the look and expression is not less than in the movements of the bodies. Spoiler: extremely frank erotic scenes from movies will not. Go!

    The film "Next to Paradise", a scene in a bar with Catherine Deneuve

    A gentle film about two adults who have not lost the ability to fall in love, created specifically to admire the beautiful French actress. She (Catherine Deneuve) writes a book about art and is a little late for a date with her almost fictional firstlove, assigned to the roof of the Empire State Building. He (William Hurt) is a photographer who happened to be with her in a working bunch. The pictures of the fashion artist, which they were supposed to photograph for the book, were not there where they had come. She is nervous, runs to the bar and meets him.

    The film "Postscript" scene after an interview at the university

    She (Laura Linney) is a member of the selection committee of Columbia University. He (Topher Grace) is a talented entrant who looks like her first love. She is thirty-eight, he is a little over twenty. She has a broken marriage and an erotomanian husband, he has a great desire to be at the university. After the interview, they go to her house, and they cannot resist, you know how it is ...

    The film "40 days and 40 nights", a scene with orchids

    He (Josh Hartnett) - must argue for forty days without sex. She (Shannyn Sossamon) is the girl of his dreams. And this is one of the most sensual scenes in the movie, where the orgasm is achieved with the help of touches of flower petals.

    The film "Risky Business", the scene in the train

    He (Tom Cruise) - a pink-cheeked student from the Ivy League, dreaming about sex, she (Rebecca De Mornay) - a girl of easy virtue.The legendary scene in the subway car from the distant 1983 with beautiful young lovers.

    The film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", the scene after the fight and the overall attraction

    He (Brad Pitt) is a secret agent, and she (Angelina Jolie) is a secret agent. Their marriage was like a swamp, while they were silent about their true professions, but the passion boiled like a kettle as soon as they became themselves.

    The film "Ghost", the canonical scene with clay

    He (Patrick Swayze) and she (Demi Moore) are happy lovers before the betrayal of a friend, before the tragedy, before the appearance of the lovely Oda May Brown.

    The series "House of cards", a scene of threesome

    He (Kevin Spacey) is a sly congressman at the age; she (Robin Wright) is his spouse. The third in this love triangle is guard Michum.

    The series "Lovers", the scene of another treason

    He (Dominic West) is a father of four children, an exemplary husband and a good writer. She (Ruth Wilson) is a waitress, part-time dragdiler, experiencing the loss of a child. They float on the waves of mutual attraction, forgetting about families and duty.

    The film "Howard Duck", a scene with animal magnetism

    Fantastic comedy from the 80s - the first adaptation of the Marvel comics. She (Leah Thompson) is an aspiring singer Beverly.He is a duck Howard from the planet of ducks. He repels the attack of alien invaders from Earth and becomes Beverly's manager. And, of course, they have great love.

    The film "Bernard and Doris", a scene at the piano

    For some reason, a very sensual scene where she (Susan Sarandon), a capricious but lonely millionaire, with her homosexual butler (Rafe Fiennes) lovingly looks into the eyes and sings: Baby All I Need Is You.


    If you are not in solidarity with the fact that these are the best erotic scenes from films, then you will surely agree that they can be safely called some of the most beautiful love scenes in the movies.

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