• The most beautiful summer dresses from Russian designers

    In the midst of summer, there is a chance to buy about a dozen useless dresses marked "for every day." But you can please the wardrobe with something unusual and elegant. Let's see what Russian designers offer?

    Akhmadullina dreams

    A spacious dress from incredibly comfortable fabric, a dress from the second line of Alena Akhmadullina Akhmadullina Dreams this summer will be an excellent occasion to come out more than once: for example, at the premiere or even someone's wedding. In addition, resist the unique ferns is absolutely impossible.

    Dress Akhmadullina Dreams

    Dress Akhmadullina Dreams ($ 109.00 at a discount)

    Luda Nikishina

    There are also such successful dresses - and cut, and color, and interesting detail. Though all the summer to spend in this! And most importantly, you will never call him “a native of the mass market” (although we do not mind at all!). The most truly summer length, accentuated waist, pleasant thick cotton - perfect for the city and vacation.

    Dress Luda Nikishina

    Dress Luda Nikishina (6 650 rub. At a discount)


    Self-made dress jacket is a very comfortable thing on warm days, when, on the one hand, there is no mood to look strictly, on the other - it is necessary.Working meetings, breakfasts and other events with a business touch will be transformed along with this cunning double-breasted jacket, seasoned pleated. It is easy to add the appropriate character with flat shoes, such as loafers or mules. Slightly slower speed will help espadrilles or light sandals.

    Dress jacket Self-made

    Dress jacket Self-made (8 700 rub. At a discount)

    Pe for Girls

    Pe for Girls dresses have a very tempting cut. And in general, putting them on, you feel: there is a desire to bare the shoulder or not to fasten all the buttons. Naive prints do not cease to flatter the girls' hearts, and, it seems, they are never enough. Definitely the best option for a date.

    Pe For Girls Wrap Dress

    Dress with Pe for Girls (8 500 rub.)

    Base Forms

    Denim dresses come into fashion from time to time. And as a rule, looking at them, there is a sweet feeling of nostalgia - about school or students. And although the designers chorus proclaiming denim as one of the major trends of the future autumn season, it can and should be worn already with brown suede or pink accessories. Do not believe that denim clothing "unpretentious." In fact, she is just very young in her heart and comfortable in life. Where are these hundreds of spiteful critics from ?!

    Base Forms Denim Dress

    Base Forms Denim Dress (7 400 rub.)


    When else, if not in summer, to look feminine - forget about the normal corporeal, white sneakers and loose jeans. And to comprehend this difficult science is not so difficult, you only need to arm yourself with a cinematic dress in midi length peas. Paired with the most open shoes you will shine even in the crowd of the most desperate fashionistas, take my word for it. Moreover, it is on a brown background that the peas look adult and expensive.

    Dress Libellulas

    Dress Libellulas (8 500 rub.)


    Balsam for the soul of real fashionistas - dress with retro dressing from very fashionable corduroy. To look like young Jane Birkin in it, arm yourself with black ballet shoes or shoes, a wicker bag-basket and, of course, the mood of the seventies.

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