• The main ways to rejuvenate the body

    When it comes to youth and its preservation, many draw a picture of a slim, fit man with no wrinkles and gray hair, which is obviously given less years than it actually is. Men and women around the world are chasing this ideal, paying enormous attention to external rejuvenation. This is not entirely correct; it is necessary to approach the issue of preserving youth comprehensively.

    There is a huge amount of folk remedies and methods to preserve youth. All natural products, whether vegetables, fruits, herbs or pitch, contain useful and valuable substances from which to benefit.

    Means and Methods

    Tibetan medicine has a special approach to the rejuvenation of the body. Priority in it is given to maintaining the body in a tonus, generating vitality over the years.

    If we talk about specific examples, we turn to the most effective recipe for rejuvenating the body. The components of the "elixir of youth" are simple - it is garlic and medical alcohol.In order to prepare the drug for 1 course of application, you must take peeled garlic (350 gr.), Grind it until smooth (in a blender, or using a garlic press). We defend the obtained gruel until a liquid appears, press it.

    It should turn out 200 grams. garlic juice. Add 200 ml. medical alcohol, do not replace it with vodka or other alcohol solutions. Insist the solution in a dark cool place (for example, in the refrigerator) for 10 days. After which we filter the tincture through several layers of gauze, squeeze the pulp.

    The resulting liquid can be used. The reception schedule is simple. The next day after decanting, take 25 drops of tincture before meals, three times a day. Drink stuff until it's over. The course must be repeated once every six years. The best reception time is autumn. This is due to the fact that there is a fresh harvest of garlic and nutrients in it are most active. Often the intake of tincture provokes the exacerbation of various chronic and not only diseases. If this happens to you, stop the course and consult a doctor.

    The use of herbal medicine for the rejuvenation of the body is widespread. There is a huge number of folk recipes based on the beneficial properties of plants, especially wild ones.However, there is one indisputable pattern - the herbs that grow in the region where you live help best.

    If we talk about rejuvenation in general, it is an endless process that will last as long as you exist on this earth.

    The main thing is a way of life, and it begins with what we eat.

    Properly prepared diet, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, the complete elimination of alcohol, harmful products - this is the guarantee of health and youth

    For women, the most favorable is the presence in the diet of seafood, they have a positive effect on both the appearance and the internal processes occurring in the body. Seafood is also useful for men, they are recommended to eat fatty varieties of sea fish. Fish oil strengthens the cardiovascular system and prevents its diseases, and also slows down the aging process of the brain, which to a greater extent prolongs activity in adulthood.

    The great popularity of the last decade in Russia is gained by the practice of separate nutrition of the American nutritionist Herbert Shelton. Its advantages are that there is no strict diet,the main rule is not to mix food, since each product requires its own special chemical medium. Following this theory, foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates need to be eaten at different times, with a break of about five hours. This is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of metabolism.

    There are several basic principles of separate nutrition. You can not eat at the same time incompatible products, you must exclude the consumption of liquids during meals, you can drink 15 minutes before eating or two hours later. The interval between meals should be four hours or more. Sweet eat on an empty stomach.

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