• The main trends of the Fashion Week in Paris - 2016

    You can briefly retell everything that happens in the framework of any high fashion week like this: beautiful dresses, a lot of fascinatingly beautiful dresses, which we can only dream of. In terms of fashion trends, “couture” fashion week is never at the forefrontfor this there are much less pompous fashion week prêt-à-porter, for which it is customary to make predictions for the next season. We decided to inspect the collections shown at the last High Fashion Week in Paris, then simply admiring luxurious (and very luxurious!) Clothes for the most pathetic ceremonies. And they found that interesting coincidences are still present and it is possible that we will again see these ideas on the catwalks of the spring-summer 2017 season, which will be held this fall.

    Gradient Length

    A common leitmotif of several collections at once was the experiments with length, which were most clearly manifested in the appearance of the “main characters” of the high fashion week - dresses.The symmetrical hem of the latter became the exception rather than the rule, against the background of a widely represented asymmetric hem with a slit, L-shaped skirt opening, opening the top of the body in the form of a bodysuit, or the once fashionable gradient length with a mini-skirt in the front and the like of a train at the back. Atelier Versace showed an elegant example of such deconstructivism, when the dress is connected to a jumpsuit, and Chanel tried a gradient on jackets and tops.

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