• The main thing of the season: jeans with unfixed edges

    With what to wear this by all standards strange model jeans?

    With jacket and librarian shoes

    The top of this image turned out to be exemplary male in the spirit of James Dean, the shoes are feminine and very adult, and jeans with raw edges just added a youthful playful touch - if they were classic trousers, it would be too boring and too for an office with a strict dress code.

    Street style

    With an overly festive blouse and pumps

    In this image, the most contrasting combination of doll-like feminine things — snow-white boats, blouses with frills and earrings in the form of flowers — with jeans that give out their “home-made” and not too noble origin at first glance, is beautiful and distinctive. In their presence it is precisely that sweet negligence that makes the whole image relaxed, and not meticulously thought out.

    Street style

    With a warm sweater and shoes with a steady heel

    A cozy image for which the time will come very soon: a warm top with the expectation that spring has not yet fully come into its own, cropped jeans with a view to frost-resistant ankles and stable shoes, as predicted by the dry the weather.

    Street style

    With trench and prom t-shirt

    An excellent reason to find in your closet a T-shirt with some kind of logo that you used to use as a nightgown, and bring it into the light - with high-waisted cropped jeans, thereby a sandy trench coat and shoes with a classic gloss. The latter will save the image from looking like a dacha teenager.

    Street style

    With a cardigan and shoes or slippers

    In this look, there are two very fashionable things of the season — a turtleneck and jeans with raw edges — and two ever-topical ones — a long cardigan coat and loafers, but not that traditional-looking, but with pearls on the heels and a massive logo. The top looks undeniably comfortable, and expensive shoes next to jeans, as if from second-hand, look in a lazy way funny.

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