• The birth of twins - how to fulfill a dream?

    The birth of twins or twins has always caused great interest and affection in others, because to think only how surprising it is to endure two or even three little men for one pregnancy! Together with the doubled heap of problems, diapers and toys, the fact of double happiness will be added, because one baby is wonderful, and two is even better!

    But, no matter how wonderful and exciting it sounded, the fact of the appearance of twins is a rather rare phenomenon, which, although maximally studied by scientists and specialists, but not subordinated to forecasting.

    Two angels

    According to statistics, out of 200 menstrual cycles, only one can become that special when two active eggs mature at the same time. It is almost impossible to foresee precisely such a cycle, but if the pregnancy falls on him, then it is not difficult to guess that a double joy is provided to you.

    And, although it is believed that it is almost impossible to predict the maturation of two active eggs at once, it turns outThere is a certain set of medical recommendations and folk remedies that greatly increase the chances of a double miracle. If you have long dreamed of such a gift of fate, but absolutely do not know how you can get pregnant with twins, then this article is for you.

    Of course, the list of recommendations that will be put forward throughout the story, does not promise a perfect result, however, as is known, it is worth fighting for the dream.

    Unfortunately, scientific research in this area has not yet found an exact answer to the most important question, but some theoretical knowledge will not hurt you. So what can help when planning a "double" pregnancy?

    Review of medical facts and findings

    To begin with, it is necessary to understand a little the very concept and find the answer to the question why twins are born. It turns out that there are two main varieties - identical and two-twin twins - they are easy to distinguish at least by the external set of characters.

    The first of them are children born from one egg fertilized by one paternal sperm cell. An amazing phenomenon happens due to the division of the egg at the stage of crushing,as a result, there are two absolutely identical fruits that share a common set of genes, they are always of the same sex and have a unique portrait similarity.

    What is interesting, but the fourth part of all identical twins - mirror. This can be seen from the external differences: for example, one of them has a birthmark on the right cheek, and the other on the left, the same can touch the internal organs, one of them has a heart on the left side, and the other - on the right.

    A gift of fate

    Such unique twins, of course, are very rare, they appear only in 25% of cases of the total number of all twins, and if we take into account that the phenomenon of a double miracle is very rare, it is better not to tune in just such a case.

    The second option is the twin twins, which are the result of the simultaneous fertilization of two eggs. In the case of such a pregnancy, babies are born that will be similar to each other, like brother and sister, they may have different sexes, and also have a different genotype.

    As a result of this phenomenon, not only twins can be born, but triplets, fours, and so on, up to 9 children, which naturally belongs to unique and extremely rare cases.

    How to increase the chances of having twins?

    It is believed that the birth of twins is possible if the mother or father has a special heredity, and in such cases the chances immediately increase dramatically. Under the "special" refers to cases in which the twin pregnancy laid at the genetic level, that is, in the race of the mother or father were cases of birth twins.

    We can say that this is a kind of gift that cannot be purchased, but can be inherited, and such cases will be the most accurate. Even if the first pregnancy did not bring the desired double bonus, the chances of growing significantly with each subsequent fertilization.

    It is also believed that the probability of having twins increases with the age of the woman. Experts explain this by the fact that over the years, the level of gonadotropin, which is fully responsible for the maturation of the egg cell, is increasingly increasing in the body of mature women.

    Double pregnancy is also possible in the case of the passage of hormonal therapy or discontinuation of internal contraceptives.

    During this period, the body begins to intensively produce a special hormone, which significantly increases the chances of maturation and subsequent fertilization of two eggs at once.

    The same applies to the long-term treatment of infertility, after which the female body actively produces hormones that affect ovulation. Artificial insemination, which are parents who are not able to conceive a child, also, most often, leads to the birth of twins.

    First of all, this is due to the fact that during the procedure, several eggs are inserted by artificial means into the uterus in case that at least one of them has taken root exactly. However, more often than not, several embryos turn out to be viable at once, which leads to the appearance of a double or even triple miracle.

    Proper nutrition and diet

    Until recently, it was believed that the conception of twins food could not have any significant impact, but everything changed literally a few years ago. It turns out that getting pregnant with twins of girls or boys is real, especially if you actively eat foods rich in proteins.

    Real happiness

    This may include lean meat, poultry, especially fish and seafood, with the exception of smoked fish. It is important not to forget about milk, cheese, as well as fruits, especially hard varieties of pears, apples, mangoes, kiwi and lychee.

    An interesting fact concerns the sweet potato, which according to the research of experts, to a greater extent influences the birth of twins. The conclusion is made from observing the lives of those nationalities in whose national cuisine sweet potatoes are in the lead, it is their high percentage of twins being born.

    Popular advice and interesting facts

    On the review of scientific facts, the issue is not closed, there are a lot of interesting features and folk beliefs that help to get pregnant with twins. For example, it is believed that getting such a double miracle is much easier in the summer time, because it is during this period that the activity of certain sex hormones increases. So do not relax in the summer, but spend it with profit.

    It is also believed that getting pregnant with twins is much easier during the period of breastfeeding, as well as if the woman already has children. An important role in a double pregnancy can play folic acid intake, which is better to start taking a few months before the planned conception.

    As we have already said, all the listed recommendations and facts do not fully guarantee the parents of twins, but it is worthwhile to pay attention to them in order to increase their chances for a multiple pregnancy.

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