• The best painkillers before epilation

    If the procedure of hair removal seems too painful to you, then you should not endure the pain, because there are several ways to reduce it.


    The recommendations are given at the very beginning of the article, since some of them can help reduce pain, as a result of which special means will simply not be required.

    So, useful tips:

    1. Before removing hair, you can steam out the skin. Thermal action will allow to expand the pores and thereby facilitate the extraction of hairs from the follicles and make the procedure more rapid and less painful.
    2. Choose the right time. So, cosmetologists do not advise to carry out the procedure before menstruation and in her period. The best time is a week and a half after critical days. At this stage of the cycle sensitivity is reduced.
    3. Try to relax as much as possible, this will relieve tension and vasospasm and thereby ease the pain.

    Some people advise you to drink before hair removal, but you shouldn’t do it, as alcohol reduces concentration, which can make the procedure ineffective. Do not use ice.Yes, it cools and relieves, but causes narrowing of the vessels and pores, so removing hair after cooling will not be easy.

    What to choose for pain relief?

    What painkillers can I use before epilation?

    1. "Lidocaine." This anesthetic is actively used both in cosmetology and in medical practice, and a very long time ago. For anesthesia before depilation it is best to use a spray, this is the most convenient form. But if you could not find it, then the usual solution, sold in ampoules, will do.
    2. "Prilokain." This cream is absorbed more slowly, but has fewer side effects than Lidocaine.
    3. Emla cream is popular because it is easy to use and effective. It consists of the active ingredients lidocaine and prilocaine.
    4. "Light Dep". The active substance of this agent is anestderm. The effect is slightly lower than that of prilocaine and lidocaine, but the component is hypoallergenic.
    5. Deep Numb contains lidocaine and has the same effect.
    6. Precisely pain relief drugs of general spectrum of action, such as Nurofen, Tempalgin, Pntalgin and others, will help reduce pain. If you have a low pain threshold, you can use them. You should take one or two tablets about half an hour or forty minutes before the procedure.

    How to apply?

    To achieve the effect of pain relief, you need to apply the tools correctly.

    Some important rules:

    1. Before use, by all means test the product on a small area of ​​skin to avoid unwanted reactions. Just put a small amount on the elbow bend and watch the reaction for several hours (preferably a day).
    2. Before applying any means it is desirable to clean the skin. To do this, you can use any detergent, and preferably a special cleaning tonic. Why do you need it? This preparation will remove dead skin cells and increase its permeability, thanks to which the anesthetic components will achieve the goal and will definitely work. But you should not use a scrub, it can damage the skin and only strengthen the sensations.
    3. If you chose a specialized tool, then the instructions attached to it probably indicated that an occlusive dressing should be applied after application. What it is? This is a bandage that blocks the access of oxygen and prevents the composition from evaporating from the surface of the skin and allows it to penetrate the skin to the nerve endings and provide an analgesic effect.To achieve this, after distributing the product over the skin, wrap the area with cling film and leave it for an hour or two so that the components reach the target and act. After removing the film, immediately proceed to the procedure, since the effect usually lasts no more than 30-60 minutes.
    4. Apply ointments, sprays, gels or creams followed by active massaging movements. In addition, it is not necessary to save money, in this case, it may simply not work.
    5. Do not use the product after the expiration date.
    6. Remember that any remedy has side effects and contraindications, so read the instructions before use.

    The use of folk remedies

    Can help and some folk remedies:

    • Use chili pepper. This may seem strange, because it is hot and sharp. But in fact, the analgesic effect is quite understandable. First, such a tool will help to expand the pores and thereby make hair removal easier and faster. Secondly, you get used to burning, and epilation does not seem so painful to you. Thirdly, chili pepper contains a unique substance capsaicin, which explains the burning sensation.So, when exposed to the skin, the body will receive a signal and begin to produce hormones that reduce pain, namely endorphins. As a result, the sensations will be dulled and will be less pronounced.
    • You can use any spicy and fairly spicy seasonings, for example, turmeric, mustard, curry, cinnamon and other. They all have the same effect as chili.
    • Try using mint. Just pick some fresh leaves, remember them and attach to the impact zone for 10-15 minutes. Such a plant has a cooling effect, but it does not constrict the vessels and does not cause their spasms.
    • Try lubricating the skin with sea buckthorn oil. To enhance the effect, wrap the area with cling film and leave for an hour. Do not forget to carefully remove leftovers, they can make epilation ineffective.

    Let epilation be effective and painless!

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