• The basic rules of modern etiquette that are worth knowing.

    Also, according to the old rules, the man was obliged to open the doors to the woman and let her go ahead. Now the door opens one who goes ahead or who is stronger if the door is heavy. No matter what gender you are, please hold the door for people who are limited in movement, and if this service was rendered to you, be sure to thank.

    Let's go over the basic rules of etiquette that we face every day.

    Cinema, concert, theater

    Being late is not recommended. But you can leave early, and it is advisable to do it during the intermission. Dress should be on your own, but if we are talking about the theater - a little more elegant than usual. If someone bought the tickets for the company alone, be sure to return the money to him. If you bought tickets, feel free to ask: “Who hasn’t paid for the tickets yet?”

    Hike on a visit

    Etiquette does not advise to be late and bring someone without coordination with the owner / mistress of the house.Do not smoke without asking permission. It is worthy of respect for furniture and other property (for example, you do not need to put a wet glass or a hot cup on a wooden surface, if you are used to doing this at home).

    Restaurant / Cafe

    No need to force to drink someone who does not want. But if they entreat you, be adamant. You do not have to explain something, in extreme cases, say that "at the wheel" or "the doctor banned."

    Bad manners are considered to pester staff, even without ill intentions. A restaurant employee in response to your flirting, useless questions and aggression will not be able to answer you in any way, otherwise he will be fired, and therefore he will smile with a forced smile and experience psychological stress.

    The basic rules of modern etiquette that are worth knowing.

    If you are miscalculated, do not raise the scandal. Especially if you want to like a business partner or a girl. Call the waiter and calmly hint to make the bill more precisely. You can even specify what you want to pay attention to.

    How to allocate spending in a large company? If all guests are approximately equally financially provided, they are approximately eaten equally or the company regularly arranges joint dinners, it is quite acceptable and right to divide all expenses equally.If your company is motley financially and tastefully, it is worthwhile to agree on separate accounts in advance. You can choose a person in charge who, having studied the account, will estimate approximately the expenses of each and collect all the money. Or the second option - pay for all and collect money from guests outside the cafe / restaurant.

    Other events

    After receiving the invitation, carefully study it. Pay attention to the points of the dress code and the method of notification of your participation. Be sure to see whether you are invited alone or with your spouse. Some people mistakenly believe that if one person is indicated in the invitation, the spouse (s) is automatically invited. This is fundamentally wrong. Problems can arise if you sit at a table with seating, additional tables and chairs are not put on such events.

    Arriving at the event, you should show an invitation and find the owners, to say a couple of three phrases. Long delay the receiving side is not worth it. Then you should find your place at the table.

    Do not be confused by a large number of glasses - the staff knows the order of their use and knows which drinks to pour in them. But on the cutlery should pay attention.If you see a few spoons, forks and are afraid to get confused, follow the simple rule - use the devices alternately to each serving dish, starting from the outside.

    The basic rules of modern etiquette that are worth knowing.

    Secular conversations

    You do not have to be an excellent speaker, but to be able to have a pleasant conversation is necessary. In a conversation you should not “yak”, show off yourself, your achievements, and also the circle of acquaintances. You should also not belittle your own merits, self-blame, complain about your colleagues, relatives, health.

    Etiquette (and, accordingly, the psychology of business communication) advises to avoid conversations, unpleasant and incomprehensible to the interlocutor. To arrange yourself, choose topics that are interesting to others. You can find many such topics, and it’s better to speak to those that you understand.

    It will be a mistake to discuss the appearance and manners of other guests, even with people you know well. Remember how projection works? What you say is automatically projected onto you.

    It is not necessary to talk with anyone in a language that is incomprehensible to others, to conduct meaningless conversations on the theme of dreams, forebodings, indulge in extensive memories that are of interest only to you.

    Bad language is the torture of interlocutors about their earnings, marital status, as well as questions like "Why are you not married?", "Why are you not married?", "When will you get a child?".

    Also, jokes about the foreign name, nationality, hair color, hairstyle, complexion, education and work experience are also inadmissible. As we all know that jokes of such a plan are perceived by others as hidden aggression.

    It is worth decisively and politely to finish the conversation: “I was pleased to meet you”, “It was very pleasant to chat / talk with you”, “It will be necessary to discuss it over some cup of coffee”, “It will be necessary to meet again” . If you need to go to another person, you can say something like this: "Please forgive me, I need to talk to that person. We will definitely return to our conversation / discuss it a bit later. ”

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