• 20+ worst things that can happen when you make a make-up.

    Piggy beauty maniacs are full of interesting stories aboutunsuccessful make upor dips with makeup. Even if you are a pro in the matter of visage, punctures still can not be avoided. Neither the army of bloggers in Youtube, nor high-quality cosmetics do not save girls from failures.

    Unsuccessful contouring, scattered shadows and something more terrible. For all this, see the collection, which consists ofimpressive staff.

    Beauty dips

    1. Contouring, which did not happen.

    2. And it happens like this:

    3. When you try to repeat make-up.

    4. Arrows - the pain of many.

    5. Smokey Ice, as in a horror movie.

    6. For plump lips.

    7. Brovki-houses.

    8. Gloss and wind.

    9. A low blow ...

    10. One awkward movement.

    11. When unsuccessfully sneezed.

    12. Favorite color ...

    13. Fear of every other girl.

    14. Thousands of girls dream about such a palette of shadows!

    15. To tears.

    16. Well, that is not a carpet.

    17. God forbid a new dress!

    18. And part of the salary flew into the abyss.

    19. As if all.

    20.The most cruel photo.

    21. What do you know about pain?

    22. A tonal one that could not.

    23. Be careful!

    Of course, a broken jar of tone is tragic. But you are not the only person who has suffered such disappointment. It is worth simply to be a little more careful and attentive so as not to sob over a broken palette or nail polish spilled on the carpet.

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