• Test-tube children: stars that made IVF

    Wday.ru found celebrities who were not stopped by the problems of conceiving children.

    The first child was born in the distant year of 1978 with the help of an extracorporeal (in other words, artificial) fertilization procedure. In this case, the egg cell is fertilized outside the female body; Over the years, millions of women around the world have used IVF, this method has become salutary for those couples who wanted but could not conceive. And not only couples - and single women now, having chosen a suitable option in the sperm bank, can give birth to children using this technology.

    Difficulties with conception can be in the stars, they are people too. We wondered which of the celebrities got children, taking advantage of IVF, or at least had a similar experience.

    Nicole Kidman

    Test tube babies: stars that did IVF
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    The marriage of the actress with Tom Cruise became two adopted children - the couple got them just because of problems with conception. However, Nicole wanted her own; she succeeded when she married Australian musician Keith Urban. The first daughter Sanday Kidman gave birth in 2008 using IVF, and the second - Faith - was born thanks to a surrogate mother in 2011.

    “I wanted to get pregnant very much and survived many failed attempts,” the actress told the Australian magazine Who. - Without going into details, I can only say that I had an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, and various courses of infertility treatment. Every woman who has gone through this knows that such disappointments can easily lead to depression. So I didn’t even believe it when Sunday became pregnant: the probability was very low. I perceive her birth as a real miracle in my life. ”

    Chrissy teigen

    Test tube babies: stars that did IVF
    Photo: @chrissyteigen

    The supermodel and her husband, musician John Legend, greeted their daughter in this world in April 2016 after several years of unsuccessful attempts. In those years, Chrissy frankly told that they were trying (but so far, alas, unsuccessfully) to have a child, and when she did manage to get pregnant, she did not hide the fact that this had happened with IVF.And even caused a little hype when she confessed that she and her husband chose the sex of the future baby before the fertilized egg was implanted into her body. Her Twitter followers decided that Chrissy and her husband “threw out the boys until the embryo turned out to be with the future girl.”

    However, in fact, everything was not so cruel with respect to the embryos: as Crissy explained later, there are several fertilized eggs of both sexes in a special storage in the clinic in the freeze in case they want more children in the future. Therefore, the star couple just chose from the existing ones, not throwing anything away. Chrissy obviously amused the reaction to her words, and she jokingly added: “I chose the embryo according to the following criteria: love for bacon, ability for magic and 7th shoe size (38th in our opinion. - Approx. Wday.ru), to make it easier for my daughter to pick up her shoes. ”

    Elena Borscheva

    Test tube babies: stars that did IVF
    Photo: Legion Media

    The actress and her husband, fitness trainer Valery Yushkevich, dreamed of a second child for four years. “My husband and I did not want Marta’s daughter (she was born in 2007) to grow up alone and there was a big difference in age between our children,” Elena told the magazine “Antenna - Telesem”.- Therefore, a few years after the birth of the first child, they began to plan their second child. It did not work for a long time. I'm shocked. After all, with the first pregnancy everything turned out easy, but here ... My husband is fine with his health, it seems to me too, but it was impossible to conceive a child. I went through a lot over the years. Passed a lot of tests, experienced several surgical interventions. Then Valery and I decided to try IVF. Tried it once. Two. Three. All is unfortunate. How much money was spent, scary to remember. But okay money, I felt for myself how hard it was to experience a state of hopelessness. But then I was invited to the program "Women's happiness" on the channel "Russia 1", where I let slip about the problem. I was contacted by the “For Birth” clinic, which volunteered to help. And my husband and I agreed to try again. Thanks to the doctors, they just made a miracle - I got pregnant! And on the first attempt. ” The second daughter of the actress Uma was born on April 1, 2015.

    Celine Dion

    Test tube babies: stars that did IVF
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    The Canadian singer and her now, alas, the late husband Renée Angelin tried IVF seven times, but only two attempts were successful - in 2001 their first child was born, and two more twin sons were born nine years later.Moreover, if Celine's first child was born when she was 33 years old, she was carrying twins at 42, which was much more difficult. Such a late second pregnancy turned out because the singer could not get pregnant for several years - several miscarriages happened, I had to undergo several courses of treatment for infertility.

    In 2013, in an interview with the Daily Mail, the singer said that every unsuccessful attempt was a big disappointment not only for her and her husband, but also for their eldest son. “For complacency, I had to convince myself that everything was not so bad, because I already have one child,” Celine recalled. - I tried to take everything calmer, I could not put my whole life and family happiness in dependence on the second pregnancy. I told my son: "I hope you will have a brother or sister," and when the attempt was unsuccessful: "It did not work, but we will try again."

    In the end, everything turned out, and Celine became pregnant for the second time triple, but unfortunately one of the babies was born dead.

    Evgeny Dyatlov

    Test tube babies: stars that did IVF
    Photo: from the personal archive

    Vasilisa’s daughter, actor and his wife, Yulia Dzherbinova, was born in 2007 as a result of IVF.A couple of unsuccessful attempts made to go on this step - Yulia had several ectopic pregnancies. The actor said in an interview with the magazine Antenna - Telesem: “When Vasilisa was interested in where the children come from, we decided not to say what the stork brings them. Of course, it is impossible for a child at seven to tell how adults do it, but she wants to know the truth, and we do not protect her from this topic - this is one of the degrees of her development. We bought several books for her, where at the children's level all this is explained in a very figurative language. She then happily retold the story about the cell and the sperm. "

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