• Tell me how to have fun with a big company.

    We are going here with friends, tired of just sitting and chatting or walking, are there any thread options for having fun and unusual time with friends, what is a funny thread?)
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    Answered 15 December 2014 08:36
    And when we are going to a big company, we have both girls and boys ... So, we usually plan parties in advance and come up with some kind of cool costume parties! but we don’t stop at this either, we play all kinds of igruhi, like crocodile, bir pong, mafia .. We also love to play on the desktop. And now their soooo much has appeared. And they are for different people - for little girls and for adult bearded uncles there. And you can not just costume - but also organize themed evenings. For example, dedicated to "star warriors" or TV shows or movies, or finally cartoons! Yes, a lot of things you can think of! here only your imagination can help you.

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